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RUSH: You know what Trump said last night? Trump had another barnburner rally. Trump said if Biden is elected that they’ll put him somewhere in a home and that other people will end up being in charge — and that’s exactly right. I mean, it’s euphemistic and symbolic, but that is exactly what will happen. Plugs has even alluded to it. He has even alluded to it. You know, it’s amazing. Grab audio sound bite number 28. This is “The Loser.” This is Michael Dukakis.

That was our name for him. This program debuted August 1, 1988. That was smack-dab in the middle of the presidential candidacy that year of George H.W. Bush and Dukakis, and Dukakis was another far left-wing radical leftist for his day. He was gonna go down and lose in a major, major defeat. For a time, the polling showed he was leading George H.W. Bush. He was promising Bush was the third term of Ronald Reagan, and Dukakis went down in flames.

You remember this debate? Well, you may not. The CNN debate, or it’s a debate where CNN has a couple of people on the panel moderating. One of them was Bernard Shaw, and Dukakis is up there standing there looking like the arrogant, above-it-all guy. He’s about Bloomberg’s height. I mean, you put Bloomberg on a commercial flight, and you might know who he is because they’d be seeking the parents. “Where are the parents of this unaccompanied child?” the airline people might say. At any rate, I’m distracting myself.

Let me get back on target. So Bernard Shaw asks Dukakis a hypothetical question. (paraphrased exchange) “Governor Dukakis, I want you to imagine that your wife, Kitty, is assaulted and raped by a sexual predator. What would you recommend? What would your reaction be? What would you think the penalty should be, the punishment?” And he dealt with that as though it was an intellectual exercise.

“Well, Bernard, I think we need to be concerned with the rights of all people who are accused. The rights of the accused are something we need to be very, very concerned with in this country. So many people are falsely accused,” and nobody could believe it. You’ve just been asked what would happen to the guy who raped your wife, and you’re dealing with it like you’re in a think tank — and then to try to overcome that and some other stuff, he went out and got in an Army tank wearing a helmet.

He looked like Beetle Bailey, the cartoon character. He ended up becoming a joke. We even had musical accompaniment for imaginary Dukakis campaign meetings and so forth. Anyway, he’s back. He went out to Hawaii after he lost. He was a professor, University of Hawaii, doing stuff. He goes where a bunch of leftists are, and he would admit — and he loves policy. “Oh, I love policy, Bernard. I love process. That’s what we liberals do.

“We carry our briefcases around, we get to the office, and we start shuffling the policy papers, the position papers. That’s what we love, Bernard.” It’s really great stuff. That’s what we like to do. Well, they found him. Neil Cavuto found Dukakis, Fox Business Network this afternoon. I don’t know where Dukakis is. I guess he’s walking along the street and somebody recognizes him and asks, “Hey, would you like to be on the Fox Business Network this afternoon?” Why else would Dukakis be there?

So Cavuto said, “So, what do you think of Joe Biden right now, Governor Dukakis? All these people are now coalescing around Biden as an alternative to Bernie Sanders.”

DUKAKIS: I’m seeing a — a very different Joe Biden, Neil, in the last four or five days. I don’t know what it is about, uh, South Carolina (laughing) or what happened there, but he’s, uh, more relaxed, he’s funnier, uh, he’s more confident, and, uh, obviously what happened yesterday, and those endorsements, uh, are very important to him. So, uh, I think we got a new Joe Biden.

RUSH: Isn’t it great to be a Democrat? You can be around for 40 years. You can be a plagiarist, you can be a failure, you can run for office a bunch of times and lose — and then overnight, you can become brand-new. Overnight! You can become funnier. You can become more confident. You can go out get more endorsements, and you can become more important. And you can have a bunch of your opponents quit, all because of the magic of South Carolina. (laughing) I think this is just fabulous. It’s amazing to watch this, because it’s now…

Dukakis would be in that group that I’m describing today as the Democrat establishment.

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