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RUSH: The little thing I just received right before the program began is about California. You know, I have been urging Trump to go to California since June of what, 2019? I thought it’d be a great thing. When homelessness in Los Angeles became a big issue, remember the mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti — when the Democrat presidential primaries first got underway, when there were 23 to 25 candidates?

In one of the very first debates long, long time ago, Eric Garcetti got mad that none of them talked about the homeless problem in Los Angeles, and I was kind of shocked. “Why do you think they’re gonna do that? It’s a Democrat problem. They’re not gonna talk about that. It’s your problem to fix. They can’t even… In California, there aren’t any Republican to blame this on. These candidates are not gonna run interference for you. They’re not even gonna mention it.”

He didn’t get that, and that’s when I said, “You know, Trump needs to go out there. Trump needs to go out to California, plant the flag, and illustrate what happens in a state where you have total, one-party rule with the other party not having enough power to stop anything. Go out there and demo it. Go out there, plant the flag, and explain to the people of California that whatever problems exist there are because of the way they have been voting.”

“They haven’t been voting Republican because there aren’t any. The Republicans don’t have enough power to do anything. It’d be a great thing to do.” So Trump did go out there. He’s gone out, he’s made a couple fundraisers, he’s pointing this stuff out. Now, there’s been some electoral analysis from the California primary on Super Tuesday, and it’s fascinating.

“Primary results from California on Super Tuesday indicate that Republicans can flip up to nine congressional seats, and especially California seats that went Democrat for the first time in a long time in 2018 during the midterms.” Those seats are vulnerable right now. Nine of them could be flipped. “The same data shows that the Democrats do not have an easy way to flip any current Republican-held districts in California.”

So the Republican districts look solid. The Democrats, nine of them (up to nine of them) look vulnerable — and, if this happens, then you could say that Trump is on the way to flipping California. When you start talking about nine, eight or nine congressional seats in the California delegation, it would be huge, and there’s a backup story to this that preceded this one. I got it just when the program was starting today.

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