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RUSH: Mitt Romney — this is just in. You know, Romney voted to convict Trump in the impeachment vote, felt he had to do it to maintain his base of support with the Republican Never Trumpers out there and the people we call the character crowd. Well, Romney obviously is feeling some pressure, Mr. Snerdley. (interruption) Well, get this. Mitt Romney has said that he will vote to authorize as part of the Senate investigation into Hunter Biden and Ukrainian energy giant Burisma, he’s authorized the subpoenas to look into Hunter Biden.

He’s gonna vote to authorize subpoenas to look into Hunter Biden and Joe Biden and Burisma and Ukraine. Now, remember, this is the stuff that they said Trump had no business doing. We need to impeach Trump because you can’t go dig up dirt on a political opponent like Trump’s trying to do here. And Romney voted to convict on that basis. Now here’s Romney obviously feeling some kind of heat.

Now, isn’t it fascinating, now that all of that impeachment hoax garbage is over and now that Biden is the presumptive nominee, can you believe in less than five days a guy that was left for dead is now the presumptive nominee of the Democrat Party, and now it makes all kinds of sense to go look into his kid in Ukraine and Burisma?

There’s so much going on here. This is why, folks, you need me to be able to untangle these intricately woven webs of deceit that occur each and every day. So we’ve got that plus got a lot of people on the phones that want to weigh in on some things.

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