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RUSH: There’s a scientific magazine out there called Nature Climate Change and they just published a new study about sand. The scientists who conducted this highly scientific, very scholarly study tell us that by the year 2100, almost half of the sandy beaches in the world “could” be gone. They “might” be gone. They “maybe” will be gone. Maybe due to climate change.

The study’s lead author, a guy named Michalis Vousdoukas, says “it’s likely” that half the world’s beaches will be lost. Of course, minorities will be hardest hit. West African nations could lose 60 percent of their beaches.

Those of you who live on the world’s beaches have 80 years to do something. You should start now. Immediately. While you still can, you should begin stockpiling sand. Start putting sand in your storage lockers today.

If you start saving your beach sand right this minute, in 80 years you’ll be in great shape. Your beachfront neighbors will have no beach. But you sand-savers will still be able to enjoy your beachfront property.

Or, you might be lucky. In 80 years it could turn out that you’re part of the 50 percent of beach owners whose sand won’t be affected by climate change. Then you can sell the sand you’ve saved for a huge profit.

Either way, it’s a win-win! Become a sand-prepper. There’s no downside and think of the turtles that you can attract to your property if you’re the only one that has any sand left.

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