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RUSH: Even Fox News is just now getting around to explaining to people why the market is down in relationship to the Saudis and Russians fighting over oil. All this time, everybody’s thinking it’s been down because of the coronavirus, and that’s not why. The vast majority of this market plunge today is not coronavirus, folks. Now it’s down 2,022 points, 2,026. At some point, they’re gonna suspend trading again. There are three different thresholds a market has to pass before they stop.

They stopped it at 1,800, and then they opened it back up after 15 minutes to cool down. If it goes down another percentage point, what there is, they stop it again. It’ll get to the point where they’re gonna have to suspend trading, because apparently what has happened — and I don’t know the specifics, but whatever the Saudis did… Well, we know what they did. They opened the spigots and are flooding the market with oil, and they’re trying to destroy — the free flow of oil at market prices — countries like Russia and Iran.

The move was designed to force Russia into some kind of acquiescence, and the Russians are playing hardball right now, which is why the market’s doing what it’s doing, going through its second phase now. It’s like everything else. It’s gonna have an end and then it’s going to have a rebound. But before all that happens, there’s gonna be people immersed in it, and there are people being affected by it.

I just want to tell you: While they’re running the market being down 2,000 points, they’re showing a picture of a cruise ship out by the Golden Gate Bridge trying to make it look like, “Because of all the coronavirus patients on this ship, the market’s down 2,000 points!” That’s not why the market’s down 2,000 points. But the media is the media, and the most sensational headline with the least amount of time taken to write it and read it is what’s always going to carry the day, and there’s no changing that.


RUSH: Let me tell you what the Drive-By Media has been doing for the past half hour. There’s a cruise ship out there, I guess one of these Princess cruise line ships, and on board this cruise ship are 21 people with the coronavirus. So you have the ship, it’s on the water. On board are 21 people with the coronavirus. The ship entered the San Francisco Bay about a half hour ago, maybe a little longer. The cameras of the Drive-By Media have not left that ship. That ship has been shown going underneath the Golden Gate Bridge.

The headline: “Ship with 21 Coronavirus Patients About to Dock.” They’re now showing that ship as it is approaching the Bay Bridge. It will go underneath the Bay Bridge and will dock somewhere. “Ship with 21 Coronavirus Patients About to Dock.” If you live in the San Francisco Bay area and you are watching the Drive-By Media, you are essentially watching a floating — what? — there are 21 people with the coronavirus on board that ship, and it’s going to be allowed to dock in your town. It’s just amazing. I wonder how many aboard the ship have the flu? Nobody knows.


RUSH: So it looks like sanctuary status for the coronavirus in California as the cruise ship will be docking. Twenty-one people are experiencing the virus as the ship docks.

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