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RUSH: Sarah Smarsh is a 39-year-old author. Over the weekend, Ms. Smarsh let it be known in the New York Times that she’s mad. She’s mad that Senator Warren bowed out of the Democrat race.

Ms. Smarsh asks us to “consider every moment, since the dawn of woman, when a female aspired but to no avail.”

Like when women asked to attend school, but were denied. When they raised their hands, but weren’t called on. When they applied for jobs, but weren’t hired. When they enlisted in the military, but weren’t deployed. When women created things, but didn’t get credit. And when a woman ran for office, but wasn’t elected.

Ms. Smarsh asks us to imagine the sadness and the frustration of each such instance – as a spark. All those sparks of sadness and frustration, she says, have the combined energy equal to many, many suns. That’s how intense her emotions were as she watched Fauxcahontas pack up the ol’ teepee and leave the reservation. She is “burning with fury and grief.” And she’s not alone.

This was worse than watching Hillary Clinton lose. She’s worried that her grandma will not live to see the first woman president. She’s worried that she won’t either.

Ms. Smarsh, wait until you see the first woman elected president… is a Republican. Then what are you doing to do? Hmm?

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