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RUSH: Now, ladies and gentlemen, there’s a series of Democrat primaries today, Michigan being the big one, and it’s gonna be the end of it for Crazy Bernie today. I’ll predict why here in just a second. The Democrats are gonna be left with somebody they want to be left with, and that’s Plugs.

Now, for the longest time… You know, we have been calling attention to Biden and his… Well, they’re called “gaffes.” I think they’re much more serious than gaffes. I think Biden… (sigh) I don’t know how to politely say this. Let me just say what I’ve said. I think whoever is responsible for making Biden do this and putting him out there really needs to be ashamed themselves.

Joe Biden is no more capable of being on the campaign trail than Colonel Sanders right now, and the people behind him know this. He is embarrassing himself now multiple times per appearance.


RUSH: Who’s doing this? Because, folks, I’m serious here. We’re just short of cruel and unusual punishment here. Joe Biden is 77 years old, and it’s obvious from the many debates that he’s done that — I want to be polite — he’s just not all there. I mean, there are terms we could use. There are medical terms, psychological terms.

But somebody’s put him out there. Somebody has made him do this. And we know probably who it is in a general sense, and we know why. We know for a fact that the Democrat Party does not want Bernie Sanders to be the nominee. By the way, did you see that the Reverend Jackson has endorsed Bernie? Did you see that?

Now, how’s that gonna play with James Clyburn in South Carolina? James Clyburn endorsed Plugs and put Plugs over the top in the South Carolina primary, and here comes the Reverend Jackson endorsing Sanders? Now, that tells you everything that you’ve always known about Jesse Jackson, but you may not have ever wanted to believe it, may not have ever wanted to realize it.

You may have believed all this time that the Reverend Jackson is right out of the Martin Luther King civil rights movement. But he’s not. And he never has been. I’ve gotten into so many arguments with white leftists who think Jesse Jackson is the modern-day incarnation of Dr. King, and nothing could be further from the truth. Jesse Jackson ran for the Democrat nomination back in the eighties. It wasn’t true then. And now endorsing Bernie Sanders.

And Bernie is going to crash and burn today in Michigan for one primary reason, and that is that one of the largest blocs of support he’s got is not gonna show up and vote. Bernie Sanders is killing it in polling data with young voters. Young voters who want their student loans forgiven, who don’t want to have to pay for anything, want their tuition to be paid for, who want free weed, who want free weed businesses. But they don’t go vote. It’s the most amazing thing.

You know, every election the Drive-By Media points to the young vote, the Millennial vote, the 18-to-24, 18 to 30-year-old vote, and they say, “This is the difference this year. This vote’s gonna put the Democrats over –” And they never go vote. The young just don’t turn out. There’s nothing new about it, and it isn’t gonna change, it hasn’t changed, didn’t change in 2016, is not gonna change for Crazy Bernie tonight in Michigan. Why? Well, you can debate it all you want. Why do the young not vote?

Because they just don’t vote. There could be another reason why they’re not gonna turn out. They’re not gonna turn out and vote because they don’t need Crazy Bernie. The economy’s humming along pretty well. Young people have employment options, those that want to work. We don’t know how many it is, talking about this age-group, it takes a while for some of them to mature. But Bernie, we’ve got sound bites of him doing a Fox News town hall last night. He got totally humiliated and embarrassed talking about Denmark and Sweden and the United States.

It’s clear that the Democrats do not have anybody. You could put Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden in one body and you still wouldn’t have a complete brain. If you combined both those people, you would not have a complete brain. Joe Biden is being pushed out front. And we all know who’s doing it. The Democrat establishment is doing it. The Democrat establishment has somehow convinced him to do this or has made him do it, whatever.

Because everybody knows that if he were to somehow be elected, he’s not gonna be president. He can’t. He’s not qualified for it. Nobody’s gonna admit this, but this is a bunch of people behind the scenes who are salivating at the opportunity to have power that nobody knows they’ve got, to wield power that nobody will see them wield. Biden will be the vessel, he’ll be the figurehead, so to speak. But there is some indication who’s behind this. Because Plugs has begun announcing his cabinet.

He’s been announcing his potential cabinet choices. Can I give you some names here? If you want to find out who it is — and I’m serious. If I’m Joe Biden, I’ve gotta be looking at these people pushing me and thinking, they really can’t be my friends. My friends would not be doing this to me. We have to assume that Plugs has moments where he knows what’s going on. He has fleeting moments of awareness, situational awareness. And in those fleeting moments, he knows what he’s no longer capable of. And he knows what his problem is. His memory is not there. His situational recall is not there. And in those moments, he’s gotta be asking himself, “Why are these people doing this to me?”

Now, they’re telling him, “‘Cause we love you, Joe, we love you and we want to reward you. You have been a great war horse. You’ve been loyal to Obama. You’ve done great things, other than Clarence Thomas. We can look the other way at that. It’s your time, Joe.” But these are the most selfish bunch of Democrats. They’re using this poor guy, they’re throwing him out there, they’re allowing him to humiliate himself, they’re allowing him to be humiliated, they’re allowing him to embarrass himself, they’re allowing him to embarrass himself and be embarrassed.

And they’re doing all of this for themselves. These are the people with all the compassion, the American left, the big the Democrat Party loving people, caring about people. And they are willing to let Joe Biden totally humiliate and embarrass himself on the off chance that he could get elected and that they would be back in power without having to run and compete for it.

There are a bunch of people who want to be president, copresident, partial president, could never get elected, couldn’t get out of a primary. They’re using Biden to get themselves there. And I think this is coming from the overall head office of Obama Inc., because if you look at the people Plugs is talking about putting in his cabinet, possible cabinet members are John Kerry — really? — Susan Rice, Michael Bloomberg, Elizabeth Warren, Jamie Dimon, JPMorgan Chase, and Sally Yates. Sally Yates. Are you kidding me?

You know who Sally Yates is? Sally Yates was the holdover Obama deputy attorney general, Department of Justice, when Trump was inaugurated. And she was the Obama holdover who failed to implement Trump’s first travel ban, and she became a heroine of the American left and MSNBC. And to have her as a possible cabinet member is a signal to the MSNBC and CNN audience of radical leftists. ‘Cause I doubt that Joe Biden knows who she is. He might. But he more than likely has forgotten her. She was a minor player in the Obama DOJ.

You’re gonna have people like Anita Dunn. I mean, this potential list of names for a Biden cabinet is Obama Inc. It’s not Hillary. This is not Hillary. Hillary’s got nothing to do this, at least outwardly, no Hillary Clinton fingerprints on the Biden campaign. But there’s no way — see, here’s the thing that they’ve done. I don’t know how this guy’s gonna last. The only way Biden can last is if the media literally ignores every gaffe and every screw up this guy makes from now ’til November.

They could do it, but some of these screw ups are gonna be made with Trump on stage. Some of these screw ups are gonna be made where they’re not gonna be possible to ignore. Joe Biden visited an auto plant in Michigan. He threatened to slap a worker. He called somebody who asked him about gun control, he told this worker, this potential voter, you’re full of crap, only he didn’t say crap. He called the voter a horse’s ass.

When a female staffer tried to move in and get him to calm down, he shushed her up. He could not explain how the Green New Deal isn’t gonna kill — he doesn’t even know what the Green New Deal is. Green New Deal. That’s Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The Joe Biden of 20 years ago, there’s no way, the Green New Deal would never, ever be something he would support. No rational Democrat of 20 years ago would. They wouldn’t have the guts to go for it.

This is an Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez thing, and yet here’s Biden supporting the Green New Deal? He doesn’t even know what he’s doing. We got audio from this coming up and from Crazy Bernie too. But it’s amazing. The Democrat Party is all-in on Biden, and it’s obvious why. He’s a vessel. He’s a bridge for a bunch of invisible Wizards of Oz behind the curtain to be able to wield power. All he’s gotta do is somehow win. But they don’t expect that to happen, I guarantee you.


RUSH: Just remember this as you watch Joe Biden not be allowed to give a speech longer than five or 10 minutes: The sole reason that these people are willing to have Joe Biden humiliate and embarrass himself is so they can protect their places in the Washington establishment, so that they can protect whatever games they may have made down ballot, ’cause Bernie Sanders wipes ’em out. Bernie Sanders just totally turns everything upside down. This is all about these people self-preserving their positions in the Washington establishment.


RUSH: Joe Biden! They can’t turn him loose for a speech any longer than 10 minutes — and I’m not exaggerating. They do not let him speak for longer than 10 minutes, and even that is a crapshoot. His latest rally, he lost it with a voter, so-called supporter. Let me find it here. It’s number 17, audio sound bite number 17. This was this morning in Detroit. He’s in Detroit touring an under-construction automobile plant. He was confronted by the guy who wanted to talk to him about the Second Amendment.

VOTER: You are actively trying to diminish our Second Amendment right and take away our guns.

BIDEN: You’re full of sh(bleep)t!

BIDEN HANDLER: All right, thank you.

BIDEN: (sputtering) No! Now, shush! Shush!

BIDEN HANDLER: (silence)

BIDEN: I support the Second Amendment. The Second Amendment… Just like right now, if you yell, “Fire!” that’s not free speech. From the very beginning, I have a shotgun. I have a 20-gauge, a 12-gauge. My sons hunt. Guess what? You’re not allowed to own any weapon. I’m not taking your gun away at all! You need a hundred rounds?

RUSH: Are you able to understand all that? (interruption) Yeah, you couldn’t. See, folks, I’m gonna be forced to violate the high standards I have established for decorum and decency on this program because I’m gonna have quote Plugs, because he couldn’t hear, the sound bite was so bad. Especially at the beginning of it.

So the unidentified voter said, “You are actively trying to diminish our Second Amendment rights and take away our guns,” and Plugs said, “You are full of sh…!” That’s as close as I’m gonna get, folks. The Democrat presumptive presidential nominee said, “You are full of sh…!” A woman then said, “All right, thank you.”

This was one of Plugs’ handlers, moving in, trying to limit the damage. “Okay, okay, thank you.” But Biden turns to his handler and says, “Shush, shush, shush, get away from me. I support the Second Amendment. The Second Amendment just like right now if you yell fire, that’s not free speech. From the very beginning I have a shotgun, I have a 20-gauge, a 12-gauge, my sons hunt. Guess what? You’re not allowed to own any weapon. I’m not taking your gun away at all. You need a hundred rounds?” See what Plugs did? Plugs just came out for the Second Amendment.

The Democrat Party does not come out for the Second Amendment. The Democrat Party does tell its voters you’re full of sh-. They do that all the time, but they do not come out in favor of the Second Amendment. Now, Plugs has come out in favor of 20-gauges, 12-gauges. His sons hunt. In Ukraine, what do they hunt in Ukraine? What do your sons hunt in China, Plugs?

See, it doesn’t take anything to rattle the guy. So he tells a Democrat voter, “You’re full of sh-.” A handler moves in and tries to say, “Okay, let’s move on.” And Plugs, “Shush, shush, get away from me. I’m not through talking to the guy. Don’t be a horse’s ass, an AR is a machine gun, I’m not working for you,” he says to the handler. I’m not working for you. They can’t control the guy. He’s — well, like I say, folks, this is cruel and unusual punishment, what these people are doing, and I’ll tell you, just again to reiterate why, here are their choices.

If you got Crazy Bernie, if he gets the nomination, two things happen. So the nominee becomes the titular head of the party, folks. The nominee then writes the party platform for the convention. They can’t permit this. I think something that’s not been adequately explained by the media is Bernie Sanders has a — let’s just say very healthy distaste for the Democrat Party establishment. He knows what they’ve done to him. He knows they rigged it against him in 2016. And he knows that they’re trying to this time.

And if Bernie Sanders were to prevail and win the nomination, he would start clearinghouse immediately. There wouldn’t be people like Susan Rice and John Kerry hanging around. They’d be gone. They would be replaced by whoever Bernie wants and thinks is loyal to him in whatever these positions of power within the party structure are.

They can’t afford this. I’m telling you, the Obama-Hillary axis, the Democrat Party cannot afford for anybody but them to stay in charge of the party. That’s what Plugs’ purpose is. Plugs’ purpose is to make sure Bernie doesn’t win. These people then will maintain control of the party; they’ll write the party platform. They know full well that Plugs is gonna lose. They know Plugs can’t win. They know that Joe Biden cannot beat Donald Trump. They know that Hillary Clinton can’t.

They are worried that Crazy Bernie would lose in the biggest landslide in history and take every Democrat down the ballot with him. But what they’re primarily worried about, and look, this is human nature. You can’t really blame ’em in one sense. They’re worried about themselves. They’re worried about their positions of standing in the Democrat Party.

They’ve devoted their lives to acquiring these positions of power and status for what it does for them, the future that it sets up for their kids and grandkids, and they’re not gonna let this lunatic, Bernie Sanders, take it away from ’em no matter what. They quickly figured out that Buttigieg had no prayer winning, they figured out Klobuchar had no chance of winning. Elizabeth Warren, they didn’t even want to deal with her. They didn’t even want to try to hold on to their positions of power, no chance of winning, Tulsi Gabbard, ditto, they didn’t want any part of it.

So they put things into gear, they got South Carolina in gear with Clyburn, they got Biden the big winner there, and then the establishment of the Democrat Party got into full-fledged gear on Super Tuesday and made sure that Joe Biden became the presumptive nominee. And it’s all about holding on to what they have. And their big challenge going forward is how do they keep Biden off the campaign trail.

Look. They had to do the same thing with Hillary in 2016. Nobody talks about it this way, but you couldn’t find Hillary on the campaign trail in 2016, could you? Now, in Hillary’s case it’s ’cause she couldn’t stand up half the time. Well, look, you sit there and laugh. I know I’m a naturally funny guy, very few people are. But they had their own troubles with her. She couldn’t stand up. She couldn’t get on or off a bus.

She had all kinds of problems. She wasn’t drawing flies to crowds anyway. They were banking on the fact that the Clinton magic and Democrat Party history was gonna win all of these Rust Belt states, and Trump blew all that up.


RUSH: So Plugs Biden’s out in Detroit, and he tells the voter (summarized), “You’re full of sh–, man! I got an AR-14, I got 12-gauge, I got 20-gauge. My sons hunt!” Sons? Is there another we don’t know about? “My sons hunt!” His handler moves in, tries to get Plugs to dial it back; Plugs won’t dial it back.

Never Trumpers claim that they gotta go for Biden because Trump’s too uncivil and all that. Debbie Dingell on the Fox News Channel was asked about Biden. She said… The question was (summarized), “Biden got heated with a voter today over guns. He told the man he was ‘full of sh–,’ used some saltier language. How do you explain this, Debbie Dingell?”

DINGELL: We’re all human. And I think he had a human moment. I think that the vice president respects the right of people to own guns, but he also knows that there are people that shouldn’t have guns and he’s working to protect the rights of those that should and keep guns out of the hands of those that shouldn’t. And it was a human moment that you saw today.

RUSH: Oh, so that’s it. So when it a Democrat tells a voter, “You’re full of shi-, man,” that’s a human moment. No, I didn’t say it. I’m stopping myself each and every time. I have not said it, Mr. Snerdley. Snerdley’s in there laughing like I’m saying it every time and getting away with it. Nope, nope, nope. Let me do it again. Let me demonstrate — full of sh- — you stop at just the right time. You don’t pronounce the T, and you can get away with it.

Look. I’m an instinctively talented, highly trained broadcast specialist. I know what I’m doing with words. It’s a human moment. Everybody has these moments. Just being human. Well, if that’s what this is, we better be prepared for a sh- pot load of human moments ’cause they’re never gonna end in this campaign.


RUSH: Brian in Evans, Georgia. I’m glad you called, sir. Great to have on you the program today. Hello.

CALLER: Hello. Mega second-time caller dittos, Rush. Hope you’re doing well.

RUSH: I’m doing actually very well, sir. Thank you very much.

CALLER: I actually think the Democrats might be sabotaging both candidates, ’cause I think when they get to the election, the superdelegates might decide to say, “You know, both of these candidates are so bad, I think we might have to pick somebody else.” I mean, they’ve been changing the rules since this all began. To believe they’re actually getting behind Biden? I think they might be doing something else.

RUSH: Then you are talking about a brokered convention, right? That’s what you think.

CALLER: Yes, sir. Well, whatever the superdelegates do. Nobody really knows who these people are, what they do, but they seem to have a whole lot more power —

RUSH: Well, you know, the superdelegates are kind of like the electors in the Electoral College that the Democrats want to stamp out.

CALLER: Correct.

RUSH: You ever thought about this? The Democrat Party thinks the Electoral College is bogus. They want to get rid of it. They say it’s undemocratic. Yet they use the same type system to rig their own primaries. Actually, that’s a disservice to the Electoral College, to compare the Democrats’ superdelegates to it. But it still is ironic.

A lot of people… One of the reasons I found your call intriguing is a lot of people think that there’s gonna be a brokered convention simply because reasonable people look at both these candidates and say, “There just can’t… There can’t be anybody in the Democrat Party who really thinks either of these two guys can win.”

Yet lurking out there is Hillary Clinton, who wants this so badly, she would give anything for it. So we’ll have to see. I know it’s an intriguing thought, that this is all a big show to lead to mass confusion, a brokered convention. The reason is a lot of Democrat analysts and consultants are talking about it on TV, and a lot of people, therefore, think there might be something to the theory.

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