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RUSH: Here’s Stan. Stan, Bloomington, Illinois, great to have you on the EIB Network, Stan. I appreciate your patience. Hello, sir.

CALLER: Yes, sir. Been a fan for almost three decades.

RUSH: Thank you. I appreciate that, sir.

CALLER: To the point. If the Democrats are willing to spend $8 billion because of 26 deaths and because of a potential threat, why wouldn’t they be willing to spend $8 billion on a border wall for the very same reason?

RUSH: Well, now, you can answer that question. You know you’ve got the answer that question. I’ve got the answer to the question.

CALLER: Well, it’s all a matter of giving Trump a win or making Trump look bad.

RUSH: Well, it goes beyond that, but I get your point. It goes beyond making Trump look good or bad.

CALLER: I’m all ears.

RUSH: Actually, it’s a well phrased question. I appreciate it. I need to keep that up there on the board, though. Don’t take that off ’cause I’m gonna answer this. Eight billion on 26 deaths and yet we will not spend a fraction of that on a wall. Why not? I mean, the question practically answers itself, unless you think we can colonize Mars, and then you might have trouble with it.


RUSH: Okay. The question was, if liberals think it’s okay to spend billions of dollars, eight billion, whatever it is, on 26 deaths and the potential for more in the coronavirus, then why not spend billions on the wall? Because the wall is to protect the country, it’s to keep illegal aliens out, it’s to preserve the culture and to keep illnesses out. So why this mad dash to spend all this money and now they want to suspend flights from China and all this kind of stuff.

It’s very simple, folks. And you know the answer to the question. And it’s not just something related to Trump, although Trump is a factor because the wall is a factor in the question. Illegal immigration — look. We have new people tuning into this program every hour of every day for a host of reasons. And so often I have to go back and repeat things that many of you have heard me say a lot of times over the course of the many years you’ve been listening.

So for those of you who are new to the program — and we try to get you up to speed as quickly as possible. We try to get you in context as it were, and that is, you need to understand some of the basic things I believe in order to then understand various aspects of my analysis of news events and stories as they occur.

The Democrat Party needs a permanent underclass, economic underclass. They need a permanent segment of the population in economic need. As people improve their economic circumstances and move up the income ladder and go from, say, poor to lower class to lower middle and then middle class, maybe upper class, as people improve themselves — which happens for the most part with age.

As you get older, you learn more, you’re capable of earning more, you take on more responsibility, have more experience, all that. You do better as you get older. And you become less dependent as you become more economically self-reliant. That’s not good for Democrats. Democrats can’t win without a significant portion of the population unable to help itself. They need a permanent economic underclass.

Illegal immigration is the pipeline to maintain a permanent underclass. The people in it may change, but they need a certain percentage of the American population in poverty, in need, in dependence of government for their own survival. If the Democrats don’t have that, then they can’t make a play for the expansion of government and welfare here, free education there, free welfare over here, free college tuition. The more people economically viable, the more Americans who are economically self-sufficient, the more wealthy the American people are, the worse it is for the political fortunes of the Democrat Party.

Now, this may offend some of you tuning in for the first time, but do not doubt me on this. Because it is an Undeniable Truth of Life. The Democrat Party cannot survive without a constant, permanent underclass. Illegal immigration — i.e., open borders, a way for illegal immigrants to get into the country — by definition they’re not gonna be self-reliant. That’s why they’re coming here. Most of them are not even gonna speak English.

They’re gonna need health care. They’re gonna need a job. They’re gonna need the government doing things for them. That’s made to order. That is the Democrat Party primary constituency — people that can’t help themselves. That’s why they don’t want Trump building a wall. Another reason they don’t want Trump building a wall is that this distinct American culture that is unique to any culture in the world, that is rooted in market capitalism, that also is something that the Democrat Party cannot function peacefully with.

The Democrat Party needs — this is why this business about Bernie Sanders being a socialist is so funny to me. The Democrat Party is a Socialist Party. They don’t oppose Bernie Sanders’ policies, folks. They simply oppose that he’s so open and honest about it. He’s gonna go down in flames. But they don’t disagree.

If every Democrat could, they would give away free college. If every Democrat could figure out a way to get elected doing it, they would forgive student loans. It’s who they are, it’s what they believe in. It’s how they want power.

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