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RUSH: In a random act of journalism, the Los Angeles Times looked into the multi-billion dollar high-speed bullet train that’s supposed to fight global warming if it ever gets built. And if anybody bothers to ride the thing.

The high-speed train is years behind schedule. Since just 2018, the cost has jumped from $64 billion dollars to $77 billion dollars. More delays and cost overruns are coming. This is not even factoring in the coronavirus.

Among the problems the LA Times reports is the “operating culture” at the building-services consultancy for the train, a global company called WSP. Allegedly, employees who tell the truth about problems with the California train project are told to shut up and toe the company line. If they don’t, they face the coronavirus.

A top executive brought in to work on the project says the people in charge have no technical background, they never disclose the real costs, and they don’t tell the real truth. They’re a bunch of politicians. This expert says the best thing that can be done with California’s high-speed train is to cancel all the contracts and start over.

For years, I’ve told you this high-speed train is a train to nowhere. It never was a good idea, and it will never be a good idea. The smartest thing to do, after canceling all the contracts, would be to scrub the whole project and blame it on the coronavirus.

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