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RUSH: The Democrat primary, by the way, when you move on to that, folks, Democrat leaders are trying now to cancel the rest of the primaries. They’re canceling all of the rallies. They want to cancel the debate. They want to just proclaim Plugs the winner and end everything now because of the coronavirus. Yes, the coronavirus. We need to be safe.

That’s not why they want to do it. The guy’s out there calling voters and telling them you’re full of sh- — they can’t have this. The guy’s senile, for crying out loud, let’s just say it. The guy’s got things going on. They can’t leave him out in public any longer than five or 10 minutes.

Meanwhile, you’ve got Crazy Bernie over here who is — what a fall. Look at how things — this is why polling data two years ago, two months ago doesn’t matter. It’s why people making predictions three weeks ago doesn’t matter. Who could have predicted everything that’s happened the last three weeks, stock market down 5,000 points, Bernie Sanders now in the rearview mirror and almost invisible, and yet he was the uncontested frontrunner. He was running away with it three weeks ago.

Now Bernie Sanders is practically invisible, and the Democrats are not even worried where his voters might go. The only Democrat worried about trying to accommodate Bernie and his voters is Van Jones. The rest of ’em out there are assuming — and, by the way, how is it that Plugs cannot draw flies to a rally and yet look at the turnout for Plugs in all of these primaries?

How does this work? Do you realize how little of what’s happening here makes any logical sense? Joe Biden can’t draw flies. Joe Biden, if it weren’t for his varicose veins, would be a totally colorless guy, folks. He’s senile. He can’t create any excitement anywhere he goes. And yet when they have an election, he’s running away with it ever since the South Carolina primary.

Meanwhile, the same people tell us, “You can’t judge anything by how many people show up at Trump rallies. That doesn’t tell you anything. It doesn’t matter how few people are showing up at Plugs’s rallies.”

So now the Democrat analysts on TV are asking themselves, “Well, wait a minute. What he does this mean? Does this mean, this massive turnout for Plugs, does this mean the Democrat voters really love Biden or does it mean they really hated Hillary?” Because one of the things they’re noticing is that Plugs is turning out voters like Hillary could only dream of. In the Democrat primary in 2016 Hillary couldn’t draw flies and she didn’t get people turning out to vote.

Plugs doesn’t know where he is, doesn’t know who he’s talking to, doesn’t know what he’s saying, and people are showing up in droves to vote for him, but they wouldn’t go 10 feet to attend one of his rallies. And so now the experts are trying to tell us, “This just means that Democrat voters love Biden. They’ve loved Biden for a long time. They love a fighter. They love a guy who is gonna get in there and mix it up.” That doesn’t tell us anything of the sort.

All of this that’s taken place here in the last three to four weeks raises more questions than we can possibly answer here, because none of it makes any sense, based on the baseline knowledge that we had four weeks ago. None of this makes any sense, and yet it’s happening, and that’s why I say you are where you need to be for any of this to be analyzed in an antiseptic, unbiased, get-to-the-bottom-of-it, truthful way.


RUSH: Remember, my friends, just wash your hands very often, frequently, for at least 30 seconds with warm soap and water. Do not sneeze on anybody. If somebody sneezes on you, turn away immediately and curse them out and then slap them. And then leave and go immediately wash your face and wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with warm soap and water.

Greetings, and welcome back. Rush Limbaugh, the EIB Net.

Look. The Democrats have no choice in some of this. I understand. But that still doesn’t give them the right, if you ask me, to totally wreck the U.S. economy along with their own problems. I mean, look. Joe Biden, folks, I’m just gonna call this out exactly as it is. Joe Biden is a walking disaster, and they know it. He is senile. There’s something not right about Joe Biden. And they know it, and they’re stuck with him.

They’ve got nothing else they can do unless they want to open up their convention to — and they don’t because they don’t want Hillary. The people that are paving the way for Biden are simply paving the way for themselves, and they are not the people who like Hillary Clinton. And this includes a lot of Obama people.

The bottom line is the Democrats know that Biden is a disaster. They went into panic mode. Bloomberg dropped out. Bloomberg was supposed to save the day. Make no mistake about this. Bloomberg was supposed to save the day. Bloomberg was supposed to put into play what the Democrats believe, and that is that money will buy anything. In politics, money will buy anything.

They forgot to factor that Bloomberg is not likable. They forgot to factor that Bloomberg doesn’t have a personality, doesn’t have any charisma. He doesn’t have to have any of that. He’s a gazillionaire. He doesn’t have any likability about him. He doesn’t have any infectious aspects of a personality. Just goes out there and buys everything and fires people that don’t do what he wants. But that didn’t work.

Bloomberg dropped out when he figured out the Democrat Party was ripping him off. He spends $500 billion and somebody got 15% of that for placing all the ads. He finally figured out he’s being ripped off. So Bloomberg drops out and buys a cabinet slot from Biden. I guarantee you that Bloomberg has some kind of guarantee from Biden he’s gonna have a cabinet position of some kind.

And remember, anybody who has a position in the Biden administration is gonna have real power because Biden is not gonna know where he is day to day. Do not laugh. I’m not trying to be funny. This is the serious thing the Democrats are faced with. They’re gonna nominate somebody who, by the time the election comes around, may not know where he is minute to minute.

And the rest of these people dropped out, they did the same. Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar, I guarantee you they got some kind of guarantee from Biden for some position of relevance and meaning in an administration for getting out. And then Bernie, stupidly, what did Bernie do when all of this was happening? Bernie starts extolling the virtues of Cuba and the old Soviet Union.

He made it impossible for the Democrat Party to coalesce behind him. If Bernie would have just shut up and kept talking about how evil corporations are, he might have been okay. But he goes on this we love Cuba, we love Castro, we love Che Guevara, we love Moscow, he starts doing all that, makes it impossible. The Democrats love those people. They can’t be public about it.

So Bernie’s going nuts, and Biden is their only chance ’cause they don’t want Hillary. Do not doubt me. She may be the last to know that, but they don’t want her. And then, true to form, after they had no choice but than to go to Biden, Biden goes into full derangement mode. Now they’re back to destroying Trump. Or rather they’ve never quit trying to destroy Trump. Now they’ve reenergized the effort to destroy Trump because they have no virtues to extol on their side.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Pencil Neck revs up impeachment hearings at some point down the road on Trump’s mistakes here at handling the coronavirus. And do not laugh at me about this because I think these people — this is all they’ve got. This is all they know. And I’m not predicting it, but I’m just telling you I’m not gonna be surprised if you hear one day down the road Adam Schiff starts speculating about Trump being impeachable because he is incompetent in dealing with this major national, worldwide health crisis.

Schumer’s already setting the stage for it. Schumer’s out there, “You don’t deal with a health crisis with a tax cut. Somehow Trump thinks the solution to everything is a tax cut. You don’t do that.” So they’re setting Trump up for being incompetent, impeachable. I don’t know if they’ll follow through on it, but don’t be surprised if they do. They’re gonna have to send out, the Democrats here, are gonna have to send out future cabinet picks as surrogates to do Joe’s campaigning ’cause he can’t do it.

They can’t leave him out there more than five or 10 minutes. He’s not gonna be allowed to talk for more than 10 minutes. He’s gonna be the nominee, he’s gonna be the presumptive nominee. But you’re never gonna see him in that role. They’re gonna have all these surrogates out there, his cabinet picks, some of these people that might be in line to be in the cabinet. And then they’ll come up – oh, vice president, it’s gonna have to be a woman. There’s gonna have to be some kind of diversity vice presidential pick that they’ll have to put out there who will be suitable for becoming the next president.

Don’t be surprised if it’s not Stacey Abrams from Georgia. Don’t be surprised. She’s out there already talking about how she wants to be vice president, wants to be president. She thinks that she’s the governor of Georgia if it weren’t for having the votes not counted properly. So don’t be surprised if they come up with some diversity pick to be Biden’s VP because whoever they pick as his VP is gonna actually be president before long.

And then the real fun’s gonna begin because whoever’s gonna be actually running the Biden administration, will they still be able to after Biden has fled the scene for whatever reason and his VP assumes office. This is how critical things are for the Democrats right now. They’ve got nothing left now but this last chance to destroy Trump and the economy. That’s where we are right now because the Democrats, the bottom has fallen out of their presidential campaign.

Once Bernie Sanders imploded by extolling his love and adoration for Castro and the Soviets and some of the other stuff he went nuts on, and now Biden’s senility is obvious, and they don’t want Hillary, and I don’t even think they want Michelle Obama. The people we’re talking about do not want Michelle Obama. She may want it, who knows. I doubt that. But regardless, the Democrats are now back to really having no choice.

This is their last chance to destroy Trump before the election. And not necessarily by virtue of impeachment. Just destroy him, destroy his approval rating, drive a wedge, they’ve been trying to drive a wedge between Trump supporters and Trump for four years now. The way they’re looking at this, they’re the ones talking about this could be an opening for the Democrats. And when you call ’em out on it, “Oh, no, no, no, no, no, we’re not hoping people get sick. We’re talking about the economy.”

Okay, fine. Chance to destroy the U.S. economy for the benefit of the Democrat Party. And this is what they’ve got going for ’em. The next 30 days, folks, the next 30 days are going to be critical in avoiding a meltdown panic throughout the American population. Even people I know, people that you know, people you know and trust, people you know and trust and believe are reasonable, are in full frenzy mode over this.

People are losing money left and right because economic activity is being canceled on them left and right. Conventions are being canceled. Speaking engagements are being canceled. Trips are being canceled. All kinds of economic things are being canceled on ’em by governments. State and local governments are canceling all kinds of things which are going to have a profound negative impact on the economy. The American tech industry, with a supply chain rooted in China, is being sent into a frenzy all because of the actions of governments.

So we’ll see where things are going. As I say, with the coronavirus as dominant a subject as it is, why’s anybody even talking about the Democrat campaign? I’m talking about in the media. If this thing is this bad, what does it matter who’s the next president? We’re gonna be wiped out, right? What does it matter who’s the next Democrat nominee?

We’ve got a full-fledged medical biopanic on our hands, and what does it matter who wins? “Well, whoever wins, Rush, could save us.” Save us? Save us? How are politicians gonna save us? Is that what we’re being told? That that can’t happen?

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