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RUSH: You know what we’re going through now? I watched TV last night. We’re having a replay of George W. Bush being in the White House.

You know what the Democrat criticism is? “This guy, Trump, is too stupid. He doesn’t have the sophistication to handle the complexity of a situation like this. He doesn’t inspire confidence. Did you see President Trump’s speech today? He’s an idiot, he’s dumb, he’s stupid! You could hear him breathing! He was nervous. He’s not inspiring confidence.”

I get so sick and tired of this. I get so sick and tired of the left and the media telling us that every one of our politicians is a dumb, stupid idiot, and every one of theirs is a brilliant genius, when theirs are the ones that created the problems that Trump has had to get us out of. And there’s not a one of these critics that could live in Donald Trump’s shoes for a week and accomplish anywhere near what he has accomplished.

Sniveling little commentators on MSNBC (sniveling), “He doesn’t care about us! (sniffles) He doesn’t care!” He cares more about you than your precious Obama ever cared about you. He cares more about you and the people of this country than any president we’ve had in, I don’t know how many years, because he cares about the country. He cares about American greatness.

He cares about restoring American greatness. He cares about restoring your future. What do you mean, he doesn’t care about you? What’s he supposed to do, come to your house and hold your hand? (sniveling) “He doesn’t care about us.” Here, grab the audio sound bite. I asked Cookie to go find this. It’s a little montage. You know, Fox News was playing this montage last night.

Don’t think I’m sitting around watching MSNBC all night, ’cause I can’t take it. So I saw this. I was watching Hannity last night and he played this little montage and Laura Ingraham played this montage. I got so ticked off, I almost called both of them last night, Hannity and Ingraham. I almost said, “You need to let me on for five minutes to straighten this out.”

I, of course, didn’t do it, ’cause I said, “No, I’ll wait for my own show tomorrow for people to find out what I think,” which you’re now, of course, benefiting from. So here we have somebody named Basil Smikle. Basil Smikle, the former New York State Democrat Party chairman. We have a comedian named Pete Dominick. We have an infobabe from NBC named Katy Tur, and we have John Podhoretz, who writes columns for the New York Post.

He was an editor at Commentary. He was Bill Kristol’s partner at The Weekly Standard, and did all those successful magazine issues. Remember all those cruises inviting conservatives to come along after every election defeat to find out why it’s not so bad? Now these guys are all-in on the Democrat Party in selecting and voting for Joe Biden.

So, here. This only takes about 25 seconds. Oh, and Howard Dean’s part of this montage as well. Here we go, 25 seconds.

BASIL SMIKLE: You just don’t get the sense that this president understands or even cares about managing the complexity of something.

PETE DOMINICK: He does not care about us!

KATY TUR: It’s exposing a real lack of leadership on a federal level.

JOHN PODHORETZ: We don’t really have confidence that he — even after three years as president — even grasps that element of the job.

HOWARD DEAN: We’re crippled by not having — exactly — no leadership at the top whatsoever.

RUSH: I think all these yokels were making their comments before the president’s Oval Office address last night. Doesn’t matter. They probably would have said the same thing afterward. But this idea, “We don’t really have confidence that he — even after three years as president — even grasps that element of the job.” That’s no different than Peter Jennings.

You know, on 9/11 they found Bush reading to 4-year-olds in a school in Florida. They had to go get him and tell him what happened, and Peter Jennings said, “Well, you know, some presidents are better at this than others,” meaning comforting the American people. It was a slap at Bush, and it was a pat on the back to Bill Clinton. It’s the same old, same old.

(impression) “These Republicans, they don’t care! They don’t care about you. They have no compassion, they have no heart, and — to boot — they’re idiots! They can’t talk. They can’t reason. They can’t explain, and it’s so sad because they’re so thick that they can’t understand the complexity of a situation.” Meanwhile, not a one of these people has ever accomplished 5% of what Donald Trump has.

Not a one of them could do Donald Trump’s job given what he faces opposition-wise. They couldn’t, they wouldn’t last a day putting up with what Donald Trump has to put up with. They haven’t accomplished in their lives anything close to what Donald Trump has, and yet here we have to sit here and listen to (sniveling) “the fact that they don’t think Trump understands the complexities of the job whereas, of course, Obama and any other Democrat would.”

These clowns that tell us who’s smart — the elites, the brilliant people — are the ones that got us in this mess in the first place. They’re the ones that don’t understand market economies, don’t believe in market economies. They’re the ones that put everything in front of America because America doesn’t deserve to be a superpower.

America has a price to pay for stealing so much around the world. I just… I get so sick and impatient, so I don’t have room for panic here, folks. I don’t have emotional room. I don’t have emotional time for panic. I’m also not panicking ’cause it’s gonna end. All this stuff does. If there’s one thing my life has taught me, it is that there are I cycles — up, down, good, bad. And I don’t care what anybody says.

There is no better time to be alive as a human being on Planet Earth than March 12th, 2020, and going forward, and there’s no better place to be alive on Planet Earth than the United States of America on March 12th, 2020. And this is all gonna end, and it’s gonna end when somebody finally wakes up and realizes it’s nowhere near as bad and it’s not gonna get as bad as everybody is afraid that it might be, as some people want it to be.

And then we’re gonna move forward and this economy is gonna rebound — the stock market’s gonna rebound; it’s gonna shock everybody — and it’s probably gonna happen way before the November elections, which is gonna really disappoint the media and really disappoint the Democrat Party.


RUSH: Have you noticed, ladies and gentlemen, the same people saying — like these sniveling little brats on MSNBC — (sniveling), “The government isn’t handling the virus outbreak well. Trump doesn’t care about us. The government isn’t doing the right thing!” They’re same people that say we need to the government to run health care. “We need the government to run health care.

“The government can’t handle the outbreak of the virus very well. We’re not very satisfied with the way government’s handling it. This is not good.” And then they, of course, say, “Well, we… (grumbling) Trump is running the government and doesn’t know what he’s doing. That’s what’s wrong.” Absolute crock.


RUSH: So I saw somebody on TV last night. I don’t know who it was. “With the common flu killing so many more people than the coronavirus, why is there this kind of panic about the coronavirus?” Oh, I remember who it was. It was Senator Graham. Lindsey Graham said, “Well, the coronavirus is kind of like a plane crash, and the regular flu is like a car crash.”

What he meant was when a plane goes down, even though it’s far fewer people killed, the reaction is, “Oh, my God, an airplane went down! Oh, my God. Horrible airplane crash! What went wrong?” But when a car crashes, that happens 50,000 times a year, and isn’t any big deal. Well, folks, I don’t know about that.

I’m here to tell you that if we had the same kind of media panic and Democrat Party political panic over the swine flu in 2009-2010… What is the difference? The swine flu is just as bad or worse. The swine flu is worse than coronavirus. I’ll tell you what else that happened yesterday. We had the story yesterday that this guy, Fauci, went out there and said that the coronavirus is 10 times more lethal than the flu.

Well, that led to story after story after story with that headline. “Anthony Fauci says Trump doesn’t know what he’s talking about! The coronavirus is 10 times more lethal than the flu.” No! The story is that with the coronavirus 10 times more lethal than the flu, the fatality rate of the coronavirus is much less than everybody thought.

The fatality rate for the flu is 0.1%. Fauci said the fatality rate for the coronavirus is 1%. It isn’t 6%. It’s not 3% like they thought. It isn’t between 3% and 6%. It’s 1%. So that is 10 times the fatality rate of the flu. Is the flu is 0.1% — one-tenth of 1% — and the coronavirus is 1%, well, yeah, then you could say, “It’s ten times more lethal.” But the wrong context.

They’ve been telling us, “The fatality rate’s gonna be between 3% and 6%,” and what Fauci admitted is that the fatality rate for the coronavirus is way lower than we thought, which should have been the story! But, noooo. The story was, “The coronavirus is 10 times more lethal than the flu!” Well, nobody cares about the flu anyway, by definition!

Thirty thousand people a year die from it and nobody cares. We don’t do travel bans. We don’t worry about what happens in the hospital. If you get the flu, you get the flu. Nice knowing you. (interruption) Well, what? You disagree with me on this? The flu isn’t any big deal! (interruption) The point is, our society has come to accept the flu, and if 30,000 people die from it, it doesn’t make the news. (interruption)

What? You all think I’m stepping in it in there now? There… (interruption) Screw the sound bite! I don’t care what sound bite they use. The fact of the matter is that nothing I’m saying here is deniable. Our society has come to accept 30,000 flu deaths a year as part of life or part of the human existence. You get the flu and you die? “Hey, hey, statistics grab you. Too bad. Nice knowing you, all of that.”

Swine flu, it’s even worse than that — and we didn’t bring everything to a screeching halt. Folks, if you think this is not political, then you still believe the Steele dossier is true. If you think this is not political, then you still think that Trump stole the election in 2016 with the Russians.

If you think this isn’t political, then you still believe that Trump committed impeachable offense in a perfect phone call with the lackey president of Ukraine.

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