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RUSH: Here’s Fred in St. Louis. Great to have you, Fred. I’m glad you waited. You’re on the EIB Network, your big showbiz break.

CALLER: Thank you very much. Uh, Rush, I don’t understand. Maybe you can explain it. A few minutes ago, you were so upset with the media, uhh, saying that they want the president to fail, they want him to — to not succeed. But it was okay for you, when Obama became president — on air — you wished and hoped he would fail.

RUSH: Are you serious?

CALLER: I don’t understand. Why —

RUSH: Are you…? Are you actually serious with this —

CALLER: Why is it okay for you to (unintelligible)?

RUSH: — because I refuse to believe you don’t know the difference. I did not want America to fail. I wanted Obama’s policies to fail so that America would not be damaged. I did not want socialism to succeed! I think I’ve been borne out. I did not want Obama’s policies to succeed. I wanted Obama’s policies to fail. I made this abundantly clear. I wanted America to survive the Obama administration.

Let me give you this. Let me put something in perspective for you. The media is literally hoping Donald Trump fails here! The media is literally hoping that this ends up electing Democrats to the White House and the Senate. The media is hoping that Donald Trump stumbles. They have been trying to trip Donald Trump up ever since he won the election in November 2016.

In the process of hoping Trump fails, they are hoping… The country has to fail if Trump fails! You know this as well as I do. I’m actually glad you called to give me a chance to react to it. But let me put this in perspective for you, because I think Donald Trump ought to wear this as a badge of honor. It took a worldwide pandemic. It took a 35% plunge in the stock market. It took six feet of social distancing.

It took quarantining. It took many small businesses closing. It took canceling practically everything, to bring the USA economy back to the Obama high mark. That’s the way to look at this. In three weeks or however long we’ve been doing this — three months — we have wiped out three years of an economic expansion unseen in the lives of most Americans today.

Most Americans alive today have not seen the economic expansion we experienced beginning in 2016-2017, and it’s been undone. And if that economic expansion had not happened — if we had not seen that massive economic expansion and growth and then this same virus hits — we would be on the verge of recession-depression today, folks. Now, if Obama had failed, Americans would have thrived. That was my whole point.

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