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RUSH: You know, you are the second person to ask me. Mr. Snerdley just asked me during the highly profitable obscene profit break here that we just had if I have seen, what is it, Tiger King? It’s on Netflix, right? No, I’ve not seen it. (interruption) I know that it is the most-watched Netflix show in America now. I found that out today.

Look, I have been in a fog the past eight days. You guys, I vowed not to become a cancer patient on this program, but I was in bed, 103-degree fever. I couldn’t walk. I was in some of the most excruciating pain I have ever, ever been in. And I didn’t pick up a computer or do anything for I don’t even know how many days. But I have a vague memory of Tiger King with some locoweed-looking guy sitting next to a tiger is the picture I have in my mind. I don’t know anything about the show other than it’s supposedly the most popular show in America.

I’ve been watching Ozark ’cause I’m from Missouri, so I’ve been watching Ozark on Netflix. I said to somebody, “Isn’t this about some guy that’s got pet tigers and runs around with ’em?”

“Yeah, but there are murders. It’s really, really cool.”

I said, “Murders?” Okay. So, no. The short answer is I’ve not seen it. Am I missing anything? (interruption) I am missing, so I should watch? (interruption) What do you mean, it’s sicker than Ray Donovan? What do you mean the most sick show… (interruption) Well, okay. You can’t just tell me that. See, this is why you guys are not host and I am. They’re sitting there, “It’s just twisted.” If I were to say this, if I were to describe any show on TV as twisted, the audience, “What do you mean?” And I would have to give some kind of detail.

So, what do you mean twisted? Does something odd happen to the… (interruption) Now, wait… (interruption) Now, wait a second. Does something bad happen to the tigers? Does this guy do something to the tigers? (interruption) Okay, Tiger King, Netflix. As soon as I finish Ozark — I think I got three episodes to go — then I’ll tune in and watch Tiger King. I’ll tell you what I think of Tiger King.

Is it the first season? (interruption) How many… (interruption) How many episodes are there? (interruption) Six or eight episodes. Are they 45 minutes long, an hour long? Do you know… (interruption) Well, now, you guys are sounding like it’s an ordeal to watch this, and yet you’re telling me that I have to. (interruption) A train wreck.

I think I’ve seen all kinds of train wrecks. (interruption) All right. I’m told this tops them all. All right. Well, then fine. I’ll check out Tiger King. Is there anything about coronavirus in it? (interruption) Nothing. So, it was filmed before the coronavirus. The tiger doesn’t get the coronavirus or anything like that? Okay.

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