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RUSH: Now, according to Politico, the wizards running Joe Biden’s campaign are studying the 1918 election, to see if there are lessons Plugs can learn to help him keep his campaign alive. In 1918, large gatherings were banned because America was in the grip of the Spanish Flu.

Now, today, the Biden campaign is being run from the basement of his house in Delaware — the rec room. The only way for him to connect with voters is by using streaming media, which doesn’t come naturally for Plugs. His first attempts were downright embarrassing. (We’ll have details later today.)

Another big problem is finding the right message for Plugs. Now, this is a guy who has relied on “connecting with voters” in person. (You know, smelling their hair and that kind of stuff.) But Politico reports that for the first time, Democrats worry there could be a big downside to attacking President Trump right now. They think that there’s a danger that relentless Trump criticism could backfire during the coronavirus epidemic. Plugs might go too far attacking Trump when the public is in no mood to hear it.

I guess it’s too bad that Joe Biden’s memory isn’t what it used to be. If it was, he could just tell the people running his campaign what life was like during the campaign of 1918. He was there — young, sharp, all that — and then Democrats would know what to do now. But they have no idea. They’re clueless. Too bad.

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