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RUSH: Cheryl in Olathe, Colorado. It’s great to have you. You’re next. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. It’s so good to talk to you and so good to hear you back on the radio. We love you. We trust that you are staying safe because, between you and Trump, you two have made America great again.

RUSH: Thank you very much. Doing everything we can here, although I want to warn you, I’m not gonna be here Monday. I gotta go back and restart the treatments, which means the odds are that I’m gonna start feeling like crap again pretty soon next week. Hope not, never know, but the odds are, so make the most of this day.

CALLER: We just hope it works for you this time.

RUSH: Well, the last time worked. That’s the great irony, is the last time worked. It was really wrecking the tumor, and it was also wrecking me. So we had to suspend it.

CALLER: Well, I hope you find something that —

RUSH: We will.

CALLER: — obliterates it and working for you too. Okay. And so what I called about, this has been bothering me for maybe a month. Before Biden said that he was gonna have a woman running mate, I’m thinking, if he ends up being the nominee, he’s gonna have Clinton, Crooked Hillary, run as his running mate, and if somehow if he’s —

RUSH: Now, wait a minute. Wait a minute. He had a name. Who did he mention that was gonna be his — was it some governor or something? Snerdley, you been paying attention to this? (interruption) The governor of Michigan is the one he touted. I don’t think — if he tried to name Hillary Clinton, Obama would come out of hiding wherever he is and put the kibosh on it. That’s not gonna happen. No, no, no, no.

CALLER: I hope not, but whoever he elects, what’s gonna happen, I think, he’s getting dementia, and he’s gonna be, if he was somehow elected — God forbid he is — I don’t think he has a chance — then he’s gonna be determined incompetent to run, and whoever is his running mate is gonna be the president, and that’s why my fear has been Hillary.

RUSH: Well, look. I think it’s gonna be worse than that. I think that they would keep Plugs as the front man for as long as he could stand up. I think the powers behind Plugs would rather remain invisible exercising the power, pulling the levers, rather than out there facing it each and every day. So as long as Plugs could serve as the figurehead with the real powers that be – in that way we wouldn’t know who they are. We wouldn’t know who’s actually running the Biden administration.

But look, you know, knock on Formica here. This is April the 3rd. Nobody predicted the coronavirus. Anybody want to go back to the polls in January and tell me how meaningful — hee-hee-hee-hee — they were? So it’s ridiculous to start predicting things. It’s fun, and that’s about all it’s worth. But sitting here right now, there is no way that Joe Biden can possibly be elected. He couldn’t withstand five minutes on a debate stage with Donald Trump. Then there’s the old saw the American people want to change horses in midstream during a crisis like this.

And, folks, if we’re not back up and running economically by September, then you can’t factor anything today with any kind of certitude. If we’re not up and running — which reminds me, I gotta get to the second story about this. Let me do that when we come back from the break. Thanks, Cheryl, very much for the call.

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