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RUSH: A couple of news stories about the ChiComs. First, China’s domestic travel industry is poised to make a dramatic recovery within a few months. That’s according to China’s largest travel site, Trip.com.

Jane Sun, their CEO, told CNBC that thanks to the ChiCom government’s strong control measures, she’s confident that her industry will lead China’s economic recovery. They’ll also be talking with other Asian nations to get travel restrictions lifted. So, Chinese travelers will soon be traveling all over Asia — and, from there, to the rest of the world. Just as if the coronavirus never even happened.

I know you’re thrilled to hear that.

Here’s the second ChiCom news story, from the BBC. The City of Shenzhen has become the first Chinese city to ban the sale and consumption of dog and cat meat. The new law against eating cats and dogs goes into effect May 1st. You can still eat live snakes and bats.

The Humane Society International says about 30 million dogs are killed and eaten is Asia every year. But the BBC insists that dog meat isn’t really that common in China, and most Chinese don’t even like it. (No word about cat meat.)

Now, regardless, dogs and cats are now out of bounds for the people of Shenzhen. But as I say, snakes and bats? Have at it?

Bats too! Fried bat wings. Bat burgers? Seems like it’s all still on the menu. I guess we’ll find out next flu season.

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