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RUSH: The U.S. Navy ship Mercy, New York harbor to help the hospital overcrowding in New York, there are 1,000 beds on this ship. This is the — wait, it’s the Comfort. The Mercy’s in LA. This is the Comfort. It was supposed to help New York. It has 20 patients. There are 20 patients on this thousand-bed hospital ship. How do you square this?

There have been all kinds of citizen videos showing quiet hospitals, and Twitter is shutting them down and banning them, and the Drive-By Media is shaming the people who are producing them.

But things are not adding up here. The Navy hospital ship in Los Angeles doesn’t have very many patients, either. New York Hospital administrators say they’re still slammed and they’re blaming red tape. Whose red tape? “Navy hospital ship supposed to aid a struggling New York floats largely unused and idle.” One thousand beds on the hospital ship. It has 20 patients.

The only way these things make sense is if you chalk it all up to bureaucratic inefficiency and confusion, and maybe it is.

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