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RUSH: For at least 30 years, whenever a calamity happened in America, the Drive-By Media had a standard story line. No matter what the circumstances were, women and minorities were said to be “hardest hit.”

Hurricane? Women and minorities hardest hit. Flood, fire, famine, or economic downturn — it was always the same — “Women and minorities hardest hit.” It became the punch line of a joke I told about the apocalypse. I said the New York Times headline would be: “World to End Tomorrow: Woman and Minorities Hardest Hit.

But that’s no longer the go-to narrative! It took a pandemic to change the story line.

On Monday, the Amazon Prime/Washington Post had this headline: “Undocumented Workers Among Those Hit First — and Worst — By the Coronavirus Shutdown.”

Illegal aliens in the construction and hospitality sectors have already lost their jobs, says the Post. Illegal aliens working in agriculture and health care are at higher risk of being exposed to COVID-19. They don’t have access to paid sick leave, health insurance, and the social safety net. So they are the new “hardest hit.”

Now, don’t get me wrong, folks. I’m not making light of anybody’s suffering. But the tens of thousands hit by this virus have been hit hard!

Meanwhile, the entire United States economy has been hardest hit — virtually shut down, with no end in sight! But every government worker is still being paid.

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