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RUSH: This is Sylvana in San Diego. Great to have you with us on the program today. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Well, it is true, we are living in a very stressful time, but I actually see two opportunities. The first one, the American people are experiencing firsthand what it means to live in socialism.

RUSH: I fear they’re liking it.

CALLER: Well, I’m not one of those. But empty stores, empty shelves, chasing after toilet paper, eggs, bacon, medicine, now, this is a reality —

RUSH: Government will fix it.

CALLER: — reality of socialism.

RUSH: Government will fix it.

CALLER: Okay. But there is another point. You know, this is an opportunity to get ready and be prepared for the next time because I believe there will be a next time. And I’m not talking about the virus. Because what we’re seeing right now is how easy it is to control behavior of billions of people at the same time.

RUSH: Oh, is that ever right. In a matter of a week we turned off a $22 trillion economy and we destroyed three years of economic growth inside of a week.

CALLER: Yes. And they’re being kind of controlled through fear of an existential threat to them. And this time it’s a virus and modeling based on virus. But there is another we’re told existential threat also based on models which is man-made global warming.

RUSH: Ah, it’s a bogus crock. It’s a bogus crock. You know, the thing about socialism, it sounds great and then when you live it, it sucks. But it doesn’t suck yet for people because they’re making an average of $52,000 a year on unemployment. But there’s more to your theory on that. You deserve more than a response.


RUSH: The one aspect of the previous caller I wanted to react to, is she says, “It’s a golden opportunity out here to teach people about socialism. By living it, we can illustrate how bad it is.” Folks, this has been… I don’t know how many times I’ve heard this theory. I first heard this theory in 1992. Somebody called here and said, “Rush, we need to let the Clintons win to people find out how rotten the Democrats in power are.”

I said, “Are you kidding me? You’re defining winning by losing? What guarantee do you have that people are gonna figure it out, how bad the Democrats are? People are gonna have to be told. People are gonna have to be educated,” and then numerous times since then I’ve had other people call with the same theory. “Rush, let the bad guys win so that we can show everybody how bad the bad guys are.”

I do not want to turn this country into a socialist country so hopefully people will find out how bad it is. Folks, we’ve got evidence of how bad it is all over the world, and it doesn’t seem to be stopping people. You have evidence in Cuber. We have evidence in Venezuela. We have the Soviet Union plummeting into nothing. We have the ChiComs, all of this, and yet the thing about socialism is, it sounds so good.

It sucks when you live it if you happen to be a productive person. If you happen to be an independent, entrepreneurial type or if you just — not even that. But there are some people who want to just turn their lives over to the officials and to the authorities. Along those lines, you know, I’ve been talking today about social distancing and how Fauci and the scarf queen are never going to give this up.

And the point that I have been making: Look at it from their standpoint. They’re not elected to anything, and they have succeeded in getting this economy shut down. They’re not elected to anything and they have succeeded — with bad data — in getting you to stay home and not see anybody, with bad data, with bad models, with bad projections.

Do you think they’re anything but excited about this? Do you think they’re feeling bad? Do you think they’re feeling bad they shut down the economy with bad data? Do you think they’re feeling bad that they may have caused…? No, folks, they’re rejoicing privately in how well they’ve done in controlling all of you. I have a transcript here to illustrate.

This goes back to Tuesday, a couple days ago, the briefing. It’s Dr. Birx basically saying she can’t believe how thoroughly the global public health types could crack down on people and control their behavior and the power that it gives them — and they’re gonna do it next time. You see, ’til now this was all theoretical. This was a pipe dream to these people.

But now they’ve actually executed it, and they’re excited. Dr. Birx. Here’s the transcript. I want you to listen to this. Listen to this. Just the first paragraph’s all it’s gonna take. “And I think when this is over, we’ll really be — all of the models were based on something we have never attempted to do anywhere in the world. We have never attempted to do this kind of mitigation. It was always theoretic to many individuals.

“And now we see, across the globe, people mitigating against this virus, realizing that their own behaviors can change the course and future of this virus in their communities, which is really astounding: the power that gives us to actually understand that we can compete against this virus and do well.” “The power that gives us…”

You understand that nobody elected Dr. Birx? That nobody elected Dr. Fauci? And they are thrilled! “We’ve never attempted to shut down the world, and now we’ve done it. It was always theoretic,” meaning they were talking about it amongst themselves: Wouldn’t it be cool to be able to shut down the world for whatever reason we want? “And now we see across the globe people mitigating,” meaning: Staying home, shutting down, social distancing.

“People realizing their own behavior can change the course and future of this virus.” People are realizing their own behavior can change the course and future of elections. People realizing that their own behaviors can change the course and future of nations. Whatever they want to plug in that they want to change. It “is really astounding: the power that gives us…”


So she said, “And so I think their governors and their health commissioners looked at their curves, looked at their hospitals, looked at their ICU, and looked at their needs, and then decided that they didn’t need those [ventilators] at this time and wanted to make it available for other states that were in more of that two per thousand, three per thousand, four per thousand, and seven per thousand.

“And I think we’ll learn a lot from other states and other communities to really understand how to do this better next time. And I think this is what will teach us because we’ve never — we’ve never attempted anything like this, at least in my lifetime, where we’ve had, you know, these ’30 Days to Stop the Spread.’ I mean, we’ve not ever put out information like that,” and I’ll tell you something else.

I guarantee you they’re sitting there celebrating. “We did it with Trump! It would have been easy with Obama, it would have been easy with anybody, but we did it with Trump as our obstacle.” Don’t think that they’re not privately patting each other on the back about that. “So I think that…” Back to Dr. Scarf Queen, here. “I think you heard the CDC Director talk earlier today about, in the models, how different individuals thought communities would mitigate and the rate at which they would … mitigate.

“And I think you can see that, across the world, we’re learning that when you give communities the information that they need to understand what’s going on and you’re transparent, that communities can be part of the solution in a transparent and amazing way. And I think this kind of education and dialogue is always critical when you want communities…

“I think, when I first started here, five weeks ago, I said that we will win based on what the communities are able to do as a community of Americans. And I think we’re all really deeply impressed about what they were able to do,” what we were able to do. Just saying.

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