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RUSH: “Democrats Block Republican-led Funding Boost for Small Business Aid Program.” CNN: “Democrats blocked an effort by Senate Republicans to approve by unanimous consent an increase in funding for a small business loan program set up to deliver relief amid the coronavirus crisis, citing demands for additional funding for hospitals and state and local governments.”

So the Democrats are holding up relief for out-of-work small business owners ’cause they want more money. They want more money for hospitals, states, and local governments. “After launching the program less than a week ago, the Treasury Department asked Congress on Tuesday for another $250 billion for the Paycheck Protection Program, a federally-backed loan program intended to help business owners keep their enterprises afloat,” pay their employees and keep them employed.

“The rollout has been far from smooth, and with so many applications coming in, Treasury is asking for more money now,” and the Democrats are saying, “(Raspberry!) No way.” Steve Scalise tweeted at 10:30 today: “Just now — on the same morning it was reported that 6.6 million Americans lost their jobs — Chuck Schumer and the Dems BLOCKED additional funding for the Paycheck Protection Program.

“Let that sink in. Dems care more about playing petty partisan games than actually helping people.” So the Senate is now at a “stalemate” over more aid for COVID-19-affected small business, and to the 60 million of you… The 60 million Americans who work for small businesses, when you lose your jobs because your local government killed them in the name of bad data, know that House and Senate Democrats were the ones who decided you should go on welfare instead of having the dignity of a job.

That is essentially what the Democrats are think. They assume — they presume — and hope that you just stay on unemployment, stay on welfare, rather than have your job back, rather than have the small business reopen. You’ve already lost your job because your job has been shut down, because the economy has been shut down in the name of bad data.

Now House and Senate Democrats have decided that rather than help the Paycheck Protection Act and provide funding to keep small businesses liquid while they’re shut down so they can reopen with their employees intact, the Democrats have decided they’d rather you go on welfare instead of having your job back.

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