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RUSH: The Amazon Prime/Washington Post ran a feel-good corona virus story the other day. It’s about a factory in Kenya that was transformed overnight, from making clothes to making 30,000 face masks a day. One of them had a hole in the nose for Joe Biden to wear.

Kenyan government officials believe that they’re going to need about 15 million masks when the virus peaks there. Unfortunately, the country doesn’t have facilities to manufacture medical equipment. Worse, they get outbid by larger nations that have more money and more leverage for purchases.

Until now, Kenya has been relying on the ChiComs to supply their medical device needs. Necessity is forcing a change though. The governor of this small county in Kenya concluded that they “import everything and produce nothing,” despite having plenty of resources at their disposal. So in one week, they retrained 400 factory workers to make N95 masks.

There is a lesson here. For generations, the U.S. led the world in manufacturing, including manufacturing medical devices. Then Obamacare came along. One of the ways Obama decided to pay for that monstrosity was with big taxes on medical devices. Predictably, a lot of that industry picked up and moved its manufacturing over to China – the home of cheap labor.

Now the whole world has learned that relying on China for basic health care necessities, that’s not so smart. It’s time for a change in America as well, and we can do it.

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