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RUSH: Now, of the 14,800 coronavirus deaths that are being reported, some of those may not be coronavirus deaths. Remember what scarf queen told us yesterday, day before, Dr. Birx. She said that they’re chalking up every death they can to COVID-19. If somebody dies from pneumonia but has — remember, if you die with COVID-19, you’re gonna be chalked up as dying because of COVID-19. If you have renal failure, kidneys fail, and at the same time you have COVID-19, they’re not gonna say you died of kidney failure, they’re gonna say you died of COVID-19. So it could well be that some of these deaths being attributed to COVID-19 are not.

Meanwhile, 6.6 million new Americans filed unemployment claims. So what are we up to now? We’re up to 10 million? I’ve lost track of the number. We’re getting to the point now where we have more people out of work with no end in sight than people who have died, reportedly, from coronavirus. Some may not like that comparison.

The only point I’m making here, folks, is that everything that we have been told that frightened us into paralysis has turned out to be way overshot. And, to me, that matters. It matters that they get away with being so damn wrong consistently. And when they’re wrong, they are allowed to dictate our behavior.

When I gave you the number of coronavirus deaths said to be 14,800, I don’t know how many of you were stunned that it’s that low based on all the numbers you’ve been hearing and the fact that this week and next week, “Oh, it’s gonna be bad, Mr. Limbaugh. It’s gonna be the apocalypse. It’s gonna be Armageddon. It’s gonna be the seasonal locusts.”

And they get away with it. And they dictate behavior and they’re able to condemn the behavior they don’t like, and they haven’t been right about anything yet. And then they keep sitting there praising us for listening to them. “You’re doing the right thing. Keep doing it. Keep fighting. Keep being stationary at home.” Yeah, right on, dude.


RUSH: Here is Rochelle in Columbus, Ohio, as we go back to the phones. I really appreciate your patience. Thank you.

CALLER: Oh, no. No. Rush, I appreciate you taking my call. Thank you so much and thank you for all you do. The reason I’m calling today is I’m in the great state of Ohio, and every day our wonderful DeWine gets on with his press conferences and he talks about how we’re doing a great job flattening the curve. And that is wonderful, and we appreciate that. But the thing to which he and Dr. Acton keep attributing the success is social distancing. And I’m getting grumpy because I’m like, okay, he completely overlooks the fact that doctors —

RUSH: It’s not gonna change.

CALLER: Well, no. He overlooks the fact that in Ohio our doctors are already using the hydroxychloroquine. They even got busted —

RUSH: “Anecdotal!”

CALLER: Well, I know, I know.

RUSH: (chuckling)

CALLER: Okay, but the doctors here are using it and so that’s I’m like why does he completely —

RUSH: “Untested! Unproven! Untried! Dr. Fauci doesn’t approve!”

CALLER: Okay. (groans) So, anyway…

RUSH: (chuckling)

CALLER: Okay, so my second point. You are so astute to point out in New York what happened with that graph that Cuomo put up, useless Cuomo.

RUSH: The hospitalizations, yeah.

CALLER: Yeah. Yeah. I think what’s going on there partially is (crosstalk).

RUSH: And the ventilators! They didn’t need any other near 30,000, 40,000 ventilators.

CALLER: There you go. And I think it’s because some of those doctors up there they’re finally allowed to use the hydroxychloroquine, they saw what happened with that Russian doctor. He kept 699 off of ventilators, because he started early. He treated them early, and so when I think is happening is a lot of those doctors might be looking at that, treating the patients early, keeping them out of even going to the hospital.

RUSH: Let me give you another anecdotal story on hydroxychloroquine. Do you watch Fox News much? Do you know that one of their official medical doctor reporters is a guy named Marc Siegel?


RUSH: Well, his dad is 96 years old. His dad, 96, came down to COVID-19.


RUSH: His dad was in dire straits. Somehow Dr. Siegel got hydroxychloroquine to him, and he was up and running in a couple/three days.

CALLER: There you go!

RUSH: He’s 96!


RUSH: “Anecdotal! Dr. Fauci doesn’t approve. Anecdotal! Not medically tested.”

CALLER: Ohhhh.

RUSH: What do you mean not medically tested? The stuff has been on the market since the fifties!

CALLER: There you go — and you know what? Rheumatologist do not even require a baseline EKG before they prescribe it, and they’ve been prescribing it for decades.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: People say, “Oh, it’s not safe.” You know what, it may not for every single patient but that’s why there’s a doctor-patient relationship. You know what I’m saying?

RUSH: Yeah, I know exactly what you’re saying. But I’m just telling you this: Social distancing is gospel. Social distancing is what every elected official is going to do, even in California where it cannot be — it cannot be — that California’s comparative success has anything to do with social distancing. They only got a two-day head start on New York.

You’re telling me that a two-day head start is the difference in the death toll in California, New York? It cannot possibly be. But since the health experts are 1,000% invested in social distancing… Watch the briefing! When either of the two doctors — when the scarf queen, when Fauci — get up there, that’s all they talk about. They are crediting you.

They’re trying to make you feel like you’re making all the difference because you have listened to them. You have practiced what they have said. You have worked hard. You have stayed home. You have socially distanced. You have mitigated — and they’re not gonna give this up. If there’s anything that comes along that explains whatever success is had with this, it’s not gonna be allowed to push social distancing aside.

That’s their story, and they are going to stick to it. The reason they’re gonna stick to it is because it makes them all-powerful. They sitting up there, they came up with the plan, they commanded you to follow the plan, they commanded the economy be shut down so that everybody could follow the plan — and then the death toll started going way down.

The numbers that they warned us about never were right, haven’t been right yet. They’re never hold to account for that. Instead, they get to credit you — in the process of crediting themselves — with social distancing. Now, don’t misunderstand. It only makes sense. When you run into anybody that has a cold, you try to stay away from ’em.

If somebody in your presence has a cold and sneezes, what do you do? You curse ’em out and you run away. If you know somebody’s got the flu somewhere, you don’t go see them. We instinctively know to socially distance. We instinctively do this, when we know that somebody’s contagious with something. They’re coming along and acting like they’ve created some brand-new thing.

But what it is, is actually a command from top government — and you have been credited for following it. You are being credited for knowing you don’t know beans. You’re being credited for believing the experts. You’re being credited for following orders from your government. What does that set up? What does that condition people for?

That’s why they’re not gonna let go of social distancing. That’s why they’re fighting hydroxychloroquine. That’s why they’re fighting anything. Except they’re trying… Fauci is apparently trying to make sure Bill Gates gets the rights to the vaccine — and of course , ou throw the media in on this.

The media will do anything to help these people because it’s all these people against Trump. Ladies and gentlemen, a couple of economic points: 6.6 million people — thank you for the call, I appreciate it — 6.6 million people file for unemployment. We’re up now to over 13 million at my count — 13 million. Oh, that’s true!

Don’t forget the reason we shut down the country was to keep the hospitals from being overwhelmed. Remember? We were told we had to flatten the curve. We were told we had to stay home. We gotta make sure the hospitals can handle the genuinely sick — and the hospitals don’t seem to be overwhelmed.

Even Governor Cuomo’s chart… Put it up there again, Brian. Do the switcheroo here. Even Governor Cuomo’s own chart today shows the hospitalizations in New York. Look at that trend down. Look at the yellow little bar the far right, tiny, almost as tiny as Day 1 back there on the far left. So 13 million people are now out of work. The airlines…

You know, everybody talks about restaurants, and restaurants are small businesses, and they are going to have it tough coming back. But can you imagine airlines? They’re flying right now at 4% to 6% occupancy. Nobody can do that. Now you open it up. You think people are gonna get on airplanes?

You know, airplanes already suffer from a bad reputation that if there’s one person with any kind of a virus on an airplane that everybody’s gonna get it because of the air circulation system, the air pressurization system on aircraft. So I’ll bet you that when the airlines get up and running, masks will be mandatory. Maybe every seat will come with a hazmat head bubble, with an oxygen hose from the overhead compartment.

I’m joking. But you know, it’s gonna be tough to get people back on airplanes. Because of the preexisting condition that everybody thinks airline planes spread disease anyway. So 13 million people applying for unemployment — massive, massive, massive unemployment. We did it to ourselves.


RUSH: The Attorney General William Barr was on Fox last night. He says he cannot believe these Draconian coronavirus restrictions and they need to be reevaluated. He says can’t believe the jihad against hydroxychloroquine. Well, that’s easy to explain. Nothing’s gonna be allowed to shove aside social distancing mitigation.

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