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RUSH: We start on the phones in Sound Beach, Long Island. Brian, great to have you here. You’re up now. Great to have you here.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, mega prayers to you, my friend.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: I got a two-part golf-related question for you.

RUSH: Okay, great.

CALLER: What clubs do you play presently? And what’s the lowest round you ever shot?

RUSH: My irons are primarily PXGs.

CALLER: PXGs, okay.

RUSH: PXGs, the latest version, version 3, I believe. I love these irons. They’re the best irons, for me, that I’ve ever hit. The lowest round I’ve ever had is a 78.

CALLER: Seventy-eight.

RUSH: Seventy-eight at the noted and famous Emerald Dunes golf club out in the jungles of West Palm Beach.

CALLER: Very nice my friend.

RUSH: It’s a great club. It’s a great course.


RUSH: And that 78 featured — are you ready for this?


RUSH: A double eagle on a par 5. I holed out with a hybrid 3 from 217 yards on a par 5, second shot.

CALLER: Well, I’ve never had one of those. But yesterday Governor Cuomo closed all the golf courses here.

RUSH: I saw that.


RUSH: I saw they closed Winged Foot, closed all the —

CALLER: Everything.

RUSH: Everything, closed every.


RUSH: Well, down here in South Florida, we’re in Palm Beach County, and then Broward and Miami-Dade are to the south. They’re all shut down, everything. But in Martin County, which is to the north of us, which is Hobe Sound, Jupiter Island, which is where Tiger lives and where Greg Norman lives, you can still play.


RUSH: There are people who drive up there and play. The restrictions are no caddies, can’t touch the flag sticks, gotta carry your own clubs, no carts. I am prohibited from being in the sun because of cancer treatments unless I dress up like Lawrence of Arabia and put on two tons of sunscreen.

CALLER: Which I know you won’t do.

RUSH: Exactly right. Not only that, I’m not gonna carry my own bag.

CALLER: That’s for sure. Yeah, down here was one person per cart, and if you wanted to play — where I play we have 27 holes — nine holes you had to walk.

RUSH: Yeah. But it’ll be back. It’ll be back. These things, they can’t go on forever. Glad you called.

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