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RUSH: It’s Naomi in Madison, Wisconsin. Hi. Welcome to the program.

CALLER: Hello. Thank you.

RUSH: You’re welcome.

CALLER: So every year my family hosts a historical reenactment for the public and for school kids. And last year you inspired me to do a first-person persona of Betsy Ross, and I want to thank you for inspiring me —

RUSH: Wow, that’s really cool. Betsy Ross, you decided to reenact that. That’s cool. Thank you.

CALLER: You’re welcome. And thank you. I really appreciate everything that you do.

RUSH: Well, I’m so happy people like you are in the audience. How many people see your historical reenactments? Where you do you do them?

CALLER: We do them in Westfield, Wisconsin. And it’s pretty small, but I’d say probably the most, maybe 400 — I’ve never really counted, but that’s what I would guess.

RUSH: What are some of the reenactments that you’ve done besides Betsy Ross and the first flag?

CALLER: I’ve done Sybil Ludington. I have done — I’m trying to remember her name off the top tip of my tongue.

RUSH: I see. Naomi, thank you. We gotta go.

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