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RUSH: Folks, I’m gonna tell you something right here and right now.

I am suspicious of anybody who doesn’t want this economy reopened. It ought to be the overriding objective of everybody, including the health people. Even if it’s just a desire, even if it is something they don’t think that can happen, it ought to be the desire. When I see people, when I detect people who are not interested in this?

I’m sorry, I can’t help it. I get suspicious. It ought to be the overriding desire of everybody. This is not sustainable. We are destroying the economy! Every day that it’s shut down, we’re destroying it. Every day. We did it to ourselves. The idea that there are people who think this could go on like this with no end in sight?

That’s absurd. It’s absurd on its face. Everything happening today is in violation of basic human nature. Everything. We don’t shut down for illness ever! We never have shut down for illness before. We’ve never shut down for mass death. We’ve never done it before. We’ve never shut down on the projection of mass death.

We’ve never done it before — and, I’m sorry, when I encounter anybody… I’m not talking just about Dr. Fauci. Anybody. I know that the Democrat Party wants to deep this shutdown for as long as they can as a political objective. They know how damaging this is to the president. They know how damaging it potentially is.

When the election comes up. But throw the election out for just a moment. Forget politics for a moment. Anybody not interested in doing whatever has to be done to get the economy going, to get people living their dreams again — anybody who is not focused on that — is automatically suspicious to me, ’cause I can’t relate to it.

I can’t fathom it. To me, we are way beyond this making sense. I understand why we had to do it. But even then, we’ve never done it before. Never. I just… (sigh) I’m having daily, increasing trouble with this, and now more and more people are talking about it, which is giving the impression that it is finally imminent, and somehow this May 1st date has popped up.

And now that it has, here comes the crowd that doesn’t want it to happen. Do you realize how against our nature this whole thing is? Forget Americans. Human beings! Human beings are not designed, were not created to sit around. “But, Rush! But, Rush! There’s a killer that’s invisible out there that could kill anybody.”

Death is present every day. Death surrounds us. Death, sadly, is part of the human existence. (interruption) No, I’m not… I’m imagining questions here. I’m not suggesting we shouldn’t have done it? To sit here… I’m not even gonna go there because that’s pointless. We did it. That debate’s gonna be. Mark my words.

That debate’s gonna happen. You know, the debate is gonna center around the computer model because the computer models combined with the great thinking of American politicians is what shut us down. Computer models, which haven’t been right yet. They haven’t even been close to being right yet.

I’m hoping that there’s a state somewhere out there that grows so fed up with this, some governor that grows so fed up with it that he just reopens. Something is gonna have to happen. Something has gotta give. This just is not sustainable in any which way you wish to categorize it.

I do not believe that it represents greed or selfishness at all to be desirous of people earning a living again and of people producing things in the American economy. What is the American economy? It’s not a complicated thing. It’s people getting up and living their lives, creating commerce amongst themselves.

The American economy is virtually everything human behavior engages in. You are engaging in the economy when you go to the gym. When you go to yoga class, you’re engaging in the economy. When you walk down the street, you’re engaging in the economy ’cause you had to go buy the clothes you’re wearing in order to walk down the street and not get arrested for nudity.

Virtually everything you do is economic — and the more of it, the better. The more of it, the more prosperous everybody is. And it boggles my mind that there are people in responsible positions of power who do not seem to have it reopening as an objective. I can understand medical people being worried. I can understand this may not be time.

I can understand medical people saying, “It’s gonna be really, really risky.” But the idea that we shouldn’t do it? Sorry, that doesn’t compute. That’s not workable. That’s not doable. Not reopening is not doable. As you know, my friends, I have many people who are friends. I’ve talked to people who don’t think there’s gonna be an NFL season. They don’t think there’s gonna be a Masters in November. They don’t think there’s gonna be anything. Now, some of these people are natural pessimists, but they’re also examining what they’re hearing, and they’re not hearing…

Other than from President Trump now and then, they’re not hearing anybody talk about, seriously, opening. Not anybody. I mean, you can find guests on TV shows that are talking about it. But I mean in officialdom, they’re not hearing a big push for it — and without a big push for it, isn’t gonna happen.

People are gonna have to do it on their own, and I suspect that there are gonna be some people who are gonna open their businesses ’cause they’ve got not choice. They have to eat. They have to pay rent. They have to do something. They have to feed their kids. At some point, this has got to give. At some point, some Americans are not going to just continue to stay home.

They’re gonna want to get on their yachts and take it down to the Caribbean and go to the Grenadines or something and take pictures of themselves escaping virus while we’re not. But I’m just admittedly really, really curious when I encounter people that don’t seem to hold opening up with any interest or desire, ’cause that’s not normal. It is simply not normal to want this circumstance that we’re in to continue. It is not normal in any which way you define it.


RUSH: Here is Jerry in Atlanta. Jerry, glad you waited.

CALLER: Oh, my pleasure, Rush. Thank you so much for taking my call.

RUSH: Yes, sir.

CALLER: Two quick observations for you. One. Hey, I took last week’s, the most recent weekly jobless claims number, which is about 16 million, and I divided that by the total number of COVID cases that have been reported from John Hopkins website yesterday, which is about 545,000. And that comes out to about every case that’s been reported has cost about 30 jobs here in the United States. And so I thought that was interesting.

And then here’s the second thing I wanted to bring your attention to. This is where I think Trump’s business mindset is kicking in. Trump knows that models matter because he knows that they build habits and he knows that habits make predictable results happen with less effort or thoughts. And he knows that a great model will provide a shortcut to great thinking. And I think he’s seeing that we don’t have great models and because of that we’re not getting great thinking being done, i.e., the federal immunity card and so forth —

RUSH: Wait a minute. Why do you think Trump likes models or agrees — why do you think Trump agrees that we’re not getting good thinking or information? What makes you think this?

CALLER: Because what’s not a model is doing something different every time because the results are not predictable. And I think they just keep getting these different numbers and different results every time, and they’re completely way off. And that’s not a model.

RUSH: Yeah. But my point is that Trump, at least publicly, is responding, he’s basing things on what the models are saying. He’s not publicly disavowing them. He may be privately, but that’s why I was asking you how you might think you know he’s doing that, ’cause publicly everybody’s on board. He’s still using the 2.2 million number, 240,000, using those numbers to show how better they’ve done, how much better they’ve done. Anyway, I would love to query you further, but I’m out of busy broadcast moments. Gotta go. Appreciate the call.

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