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RUSH: As I said yesterday, I am so happy to hear more and more people talking about reopening the U.S. economy. I was talking to some people last night — Kathryn and some friends, my brother — and I said, “You know, my heart literally is breaking for people.” I drive around various places. I mean, I have to go to the doctor.

I see all these businesses that are closed, and, as I drive by them and look at them, I wonder: How many of these businesses were people’s life’s work? How many of these businesses? Be they restaurants or whatever, how many of them represent a boarded-up, closed life’s dream?

They saved up money, worked hard, did everything possible, and may now be ruined. We won’t know until the reopening happens. And realize that we’ve done this to ourselves. This is not the result of market activity. This is not… These people have not lost because of the competitiveness of the market.

They’ve lost because they were ordered to shut down. Now, I’m not debating the merits of that. But the reality after that is that there’s a lot of people. I don’t know them, but I drive around, I see a face behind every window — and literally it breaks my heart thinking about this. So reopening has got to happen.


RUSH: Here’s Larry Kudlow, by the way — Larry Kudlow on the Fox Business Network, Varney & Co. — earlier this morning, talking about the reopening of the economy.

KUDLOW: We want to get folks back to work — you know, folks — ordinary men and women, blue-collar workers, families, small businesses. We want to do it as quickly as possible. It has to be safe. It has to be driven by the data from our key health specialists. But the president, I think, is moving toward some very important announcements in the next day or two.

RUSH: That’s the key to it. That’s the key to this, by the way: “[T]he president … moving toward some very important announcements in the next day or two.” I am eagerly anticipating these announcements. By the way, the president has said that Fox News erred when they said that Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner are on the Reopening the Economy Task Force.

Apparently, they aren’t on that task force. It’s not… He wasn’t bashing Fox correcting it. He just said that that’s not true, that Ivanka and Jared are not on that task force. It’s Mark Meadows — and now I’m having a mental block on who’s on it. But Kudlow, Mnuchin is on that task force. I don’t know… I’m not sure if Kudlow is.

Oh, Wiiiilbur Ross, the secretary of commerce.

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