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RUSH: I checked other emails during the break. There are a lot of people… God bless you. There are a lot of people who want a health update. The news is good. It’s not that. It’s just that I vowed not to become a cancer patient, either in my life — as much as I can avoid it — and certainly not on this program. But I know that there are millions of you praying along with me, and I think they’re working.

So, before the program is over today, I will endeavor to give the overall picture, big-picture details.

Because it’s good news, as I intend to say. I am feeling very good. I’m back to feeling normal. The second phase has not resulted in any side effects in terms of the way I feel. There are some side effects that we’re dealing with, but not the usual things you think about, fatigue or nausea. None of that. You know, knock on Formica, none of that has happened.

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