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RUSH: Before we get to the WHO business, I have an example of propaganda for you. You know, on yesterday’s program, the Drive-By Media was all upset about Trump’s video montage of things that the media themselves had said — a bunch of Democrats in the White House, Democrat media people in the White House — assuring people nothing to see here with coronavirus.

It’s not dangerous, it’s not contagious, it’s not transmitting, nothing to worry about. All this because, you know, the Saturday New York Times runs a story on his lack of preparedness. He had to push back on that narrative, so he puts together this montage of media people telling their audiences it ain’t no big deal. They claim that was White House propaganda.

Let me show you what propaganda is.

It’s CNN carrying the water for the Chinese. CNN is nothing more than a cheerleader for China and its military. You want propaganda? I have it right here in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers, and it might repulse you. (shuffling) The headline of the story: “China’s [People’s Liberation] Navy Is Controlling Coronavirus and Aircraft Carrier’s Deployment Proves It…”

You know what the story is? This is a story about how the virus may have spread to American aircraft carriers, but not China’s. China’s doing so much better! The Chinese are so much smarter. The Chinese navy is so much more equipped. The Chinese navy is so much more competent, there aren’t any cases of coronavirus!

Nobody knows how many cases of coronavirus there are in the Chinese navy ’cause they lie about the numbers and the facts! Doesn’t matter. Here’s how CNN opens the story: “‘A Chinese naval flotilla headed into the Pacific over the weekend, evidence that the People’s Liberation Army Navy has done a much better job controlling coronavirus than the U.S. navy, according to a story posted on the [People Liberation Army]’s English-language website…'”

They’re sourcing the story to the ChiCom State-Controlled Media!

So, in other words, Xi Jinping wrote a story about how much better the Chinese navy is dealing with coronavirus the U.S. Navy, and CNN runs Xi Jinping’s story praising it to the hilt as a legitimate source. “The report said that the Chinese carrier was carrying out its operation while four U.S. Navy aircraft carriers were docked in Guam.”

U.S. Navy paralyzed!

ChiCom navy on the oceans!

ChiCom navy superior to American Navy!

CNN: Sourced to the Chinese People’s Liberation Army.

I take back audio sound bite number 1. This is me last Wednesday, one week ago on this program.


RUSH: Let me tell you about this World Health Organization, folks. You know, Trump is talking about withholding money from ’em, and he ought to. They’re a worthless bunch of globalists just like the United Nations en masse is. The guy that runs the World Health Organization was put in place by Xi Jinping of China.

And that is why this guy has been singing the praises of China from the get-go. This guy has lied to the world about the contagiousness of this disease. Whatever China has said about it, he has parroted it.

We are the number one contributor or donor to the World Health Organization like we are the number one contributor and donor to all of these globalist outfits. This guy is a scourge. This guy’s a political apparatchik of the communist Chinese. He is not independent. He cannot tell the truth. We ought to defund and we ought to get the World Health Organization out of this equation.


RUSH: Now, again, I have no reason to lie to you. I have no reason to be wrong when I could be right. I have no reason, in other words, to feed you misinformation. And I’m telling you that the guy who runs the World Health Organization is indeed a parrot, he’s a puppet of the Chinese. He has his job because of the backing of the Chinese, and therefore he does his bidding for the Chinese.

He has, like CNN just did a sickening story about the superiority of the Chinese navy, he has carried the water for China on every assertion about this virus. He’s assured people way back it was not China’s fault, that it’s not contagious, that nobody need worry about it. And President Trump has been livid about this ever since the preference for China became obvious, threatened to defund, and yesterday made the announcement that he is.

THE PRESIDENT: Today I’m instructing my administration to halt funding of the World Health Organization while a review is conducted to assess the World Health Organization’s role in severely mismanaging and covering up the spread of the coronavirus.

RUSH: For many of you who worry — I don’t know how many you are — but for those of you who worried that we were losing President Trump, that this is, the coronavirus story was swallowing him up, that the expertise deep state was just overwhelming him and that he had no choice but than to go along with all these people because he was simply outnumbered, outstrengthened. The fact that he announced yesterday and that the doctors didn’t get a minute in yesterday’s briefing, the fact that he defunded the WHO, threatened to, until they straightened up, unless they do, means you have not lost Donald Trump.

He pulled out of the WHO, and it was just justified and it was valid. We’ve been throwing money down a bottomless pit that is working against us, like the Paris accords were to work against us, like the United Nations is essentially aligned against us with our enemies and the rest of the world. Trump and Trump alone, just like he redid NAFTA, just like he has changed the WTO, the World Trade Organization, and just like he threatened NATO unless they shaped up, we’re not gonna foot the bill for all of you people like we’ve been doing. And they shaped up.

This is vintage Trump. This is the guy you elected. He’s not gonna throw American money away. But more than that, he’s not gonna allow us to be made a fool of. So just as he pulled us out of the Paris accords and pulled us out of the Iran deal, he has now said we’re gonna defund the WHO. We’re gonna stop paying our share, which is the majority, unless they shape up and get rid of their current director. And, of course, the world is reacting in outrage.

And CNN, the globalists can’t believe that Donald Trump, in the midst of the coronavirus, is defunding. This is exactly the Donald Trump that ran for office. This is exactly the Donald Trump who was elected. It is the right thing to do if your objective is to defend and protect the United States of America. And if your objective is to make it great again, then getting rid of these obstacles and ending the needless expenditure of money that does us no good, then this is your ball of wax. This is something you can universally put your hands together and support.

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