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RUSH: What did I tell you? What did I tell you? Well, actually it’s a difficult question to answer because I’ve told you so much. But you’ll remember this when I remind you. Back about a month ago, maybe less, when I was on one of my intensely focused commentaries about the need to open the economy, I said, “One of the things to look for is that they will deal with us in two-week increments, believing that we’ll be able to handle that.”

For example, they’ll say, “Well, we can’t open on May 1st but we’re targeting May the 15th,” and then as we approached May 15th, they’ll say, “Weeeell, we can’t open on May 15th, but we’re looking at May 31st. We’re looking at end of the month,” and then when we get to the end of May, “I’m sorry! We’re doing everything we can to, but — but — but it’s gonna be another two weeks.”

If they said, “Sorry, it’s gonna be another two months,” there’d be a revolt. But they think they can keep us at bay, in other words. They can keep us in line if they deal with us in two-week intervals. Lo and behold (shuffling paper), right here my formerly nicotine-stained fingers I have an official proclamation and order from Governor Cuomo of New York who announced that the New York shutdown will continue through at least May the 15th.

While everybody is now focused on May the 1st, Governor Cuomo has said May the 15th. Would you like to hear a fascinating story, by the way, out of New York? I know this is going to shock gazillions of you. This is a study done at MIT. Do you know what it costs to go to school at MIT? (interruption) Oh, yeah, at least a hundred grand a semester, unless you get a scholarship.

It’s a hundred grand a semester — and that doesn’t count room and board, which is in Tom Brady’s backyard. You pitch a tent. Are you ready for this? MIT study… By the way, I’m joking about MIT. Look, they do great work there. But they weren’t needed for this. (laughing) They were not needed for this. “A new study argues that city subways and buses were a ‘major disseminator’ of the coronavirus in the Big Apple.”

Well, I… (laughing) This required an MIT study? That… (interruption) Wait. Wait. You’re missing my point where I’m ultimately going with this. What were you shouting at me in there? (interruption) Riding on crowded subways and crowded buses? Who knew it was a way to fast spread the disease! Who knew? Nobody figured this out, ’til, of course, the MIT study.

But once again, what actually is it? It’s a nail in the coffin to the environmentalist wackos who are telling everybody the future of America is mass transit. Get out of your car, put your car in the garage, sell your car, don’t drive yourself. Get on mass transit. Ride buses and trains like they do in Europe. Do you realize how much of wacko environmentalism is taking it on the chin during this?

So much of what they believe has actually led to the fast spread of this disease. And now their advocacy of mass transit led to an MIT study. I would have never thought of this, frankly. I would have never thought that sardining people on wacko, old subway cars would have helped spread the disease. Would you? (laughing) Well, obviously we would have.

I mean, it’d be one of the first places you would avoid. But it doesn’t matter what you think. MIT is out with the official word. Here’s a pull quote: “New York City’s multitentacled subway system was a major disseminator — if not the principal transmission vehicle…” (Gasp!) No! The subway system was the primary reason, the primary way people got sick?

Oh, no! Because mass transit… Mass transit is one of the foundational building blocks of left-wing socialism utopia. Yep. It “‘was a major disseminator — if not the principal transmission vehicle — of coronavirus infection during the initial takeoff of the massive epidemic.'” It’s a new study.

(laughing) “The paper, by MIT economics professor and physician Jeffrey Harris, points to a parallel between high ridership ‘and the rapid, exponential surge in infections’…” Man, I tell you, the brilliance — the brilliance that we are fortunate to have around us. The guy wrote a whole paper on this.

This guy probably could work at TIME magazine when they found out that men and women are born different and then do a cover story on that. Did you know men and women are born different? Did you know men and women are different? Because the left attempted to make that claim way back during the height of the feminazis in the nineties and so forth.

When they found evidence that men and women are born different, they were so shocked, they actually did a cover story. They did a cover story at TIME magazine: Men and women are born different! Well, this is the same thing here. Big MIT study: Jam-packed sardining people on a subway car spreads any disease, including coronavirus.

Governor Cuomo needed 30,000 ventilators for coronavirus-stricken New Yorkers, said Dr. Fauci on March 29th. And the reason Dr. Fauci said Cuomo needed 30,000 is because Cuomo was saying it. Trump said, “You don’t need 30,000 ventilators. What are you talking about?” They said, “Trump doesn’t care. Trump is a bigot and he doesn’t care!

“Trump has no heart. Trump has no empathy.” Cuomo was out there during his briefings almost hysterical demanding 30,000 ventilators. Dr. Fauci was agreeing with him. Trump said there was no way New York needed 30,000 ventilators. Do you know how many ventilators New York ultimately needed?

Five thousand! Do you know what’s happening now? New York is actually donating ventilators to other states and other countries. Has anybody seen a story in the Democrat media saying, “Trump was right; Cuomo and Fauci were wrong”? Has anybody seen this? No, you haven’t seen that story, and you will not.

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