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Apr 16, 2020

  • MarketWatch: ‘Cataclysmic!’ Billionaire says everybody should be bailed out
  • HotAir: Meltdown Continues: Jobless Claims “Drop” To 5.2M, 22M Jobs Lost In A Month; Trump To Pelosi: “Come Back To Washington And Do Your Job!”
  • Daily Wire: ‘This Did Not Have To Happen’: McConnell, McCarthy Blast Democrats For Blocking Funds For Small Businesses
  • FOXNews: Cuomo Says New York Giving Away Some Ventilators, Coronavirus Outbreak ‘Stabilized’ There
  • New York Times: Cuomo Extends Shutdown to May 15 Even as State’s Coronavirus Toll Drops Sharply to 606
  • Politico: Jobless Claims Reach 22 Million Over Four Weeks
  • FOXNews: Democrats Push for Illegal Immigrants to Get Coronavirus Stimulus Cash
  • FOXNews: Sources Believe Coronavirus Outbreak Originated in Wuhan Lab as Part of China’s Efforts to Compete with US – Bret Baier, Gregg Re
  • Breitbart: Nancy Pelosi: ‘Truth’ Is That Trump Worsened the Coronavirus, Destroyed Economy
  • Washington Examiner: Pelosi Encouraged Public Gatherings in Late February, Weeks After Trump’s China Travel Ban
  • GatewayPundit: Pelosi Shows Off Her $25,000 Refrigerators and $13 Tubs of Gourmet Ice Cream as Americans Stand in Line at Food Banks
  • Breitbart: Donald Trump Threatens to Adjourn Both Chambers of Congress for Recess Appointments
  • FOXNews: Tucker Confronts NJ Gov Over Lockdown Measures: ‘I Wasn’t Thinking of the Bill of Rights When We Did This’
  • New York Post: MIT Study: Subways a ‘Major Disseminator’ of Coronavirus in NYC
  • National Review: ‘Costliest Government Coverup of All Time’: Growing Confidence among U.S. Officials That Coronavirus Emerged from Lab
  • Politico: Trump’s Call With Wall Street Didn’t Go As Planned
  • The Hill: Pennsylvania State Senate Votes to Override Governor’s Stay-at-Home Order
  • US News: WHO: Governments Should Restrict Alcohol During Coronavirus Lockdowns
  • AP: Kentucky Lawmakers Override Veto of Voter ID Measure
  • Montana Daily Gazette: Montana County Demands People Wear Government-Issued Arm Bands To Do Business
  • Breitbart: Belt and Road Debts to China Skyrocket Under Coronavirus Lockdown

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