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RUSH: All right. “The Lockdown Is Loosening Whether Government Likes It or Not.” This is from The Federalist. It’s a piece by David Marcus. Let me just give you some pull quotes as opposed to the reading the whole thing. “It is the American people, not the government who will decide when this lockdown is over. And they are getting closer to that decision.”

Amen. It’s not normal to stay cooped up at home and have your livelihood taken away from you. It is not normal to just sit there in a docile state and accept it. It just isn’t normal — and I’ll tell you, the way they originally get people to comply is to project all these horrible numbers. “It’ll be a million hospitalizations! Record number of deaths! Oh, my God! We’ve never seen anything like it.

“It’s gonna be horrible! Leave your house, and you die; stay in your home, and you live,” blah, blah, blah, do all that, and then here come the experts. (sniveling) “Uh, uh, look, we’re having to revise our numbers down. The models are we may be looking at 50,000 dead, not millions,” and when that starts happening, then the people who have complied with all this say, “Then what the hell are we doing this for? What is this for?”

And they’re gonna start asking themselves, “Okay. Really how risky is it out there?” And they’re gonna look at nothing in the refrigerator and they’re gonna look at nothing to pay the rent with. These are real-world things, real-world realities. There’s nothing theoretical about this anymore.

It’s undoable. It’s unsustainable. And the people that still have income coming in, people that still have financial reserves to rely on making policy for people who have none, ain’t gonna fly. So it only stands to reason that “the American people … will decide when this lockdown is over.”

You see, folks, we, who I will refer to as normal, normal people, people that I lovingly and very appreciatively characterize by saying people who make the country work and who are not leftists understand that there are risks in life. I remember first or second grade at the old Franklin school in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.

I remember getting the polio vaccine. It was a sugar cube that was — that had a red splotch. They come along with an eye dropper, and they squeezed it — they probably did that in advance, I don’t remember. But the sugar cube was in a tiny little Solo Cup and you ate the sugar cube and you got the vaccation for polio. And that meant you were not gonna get it. It was not an annual thing and then you hope. It was a real vaccine for polio. When I was born, that vaccine didn’t exist. It happened in 1955 when I was 4. I got the vaccine when I was 6 or 7. And people were careful.

But my point is we didn’t keep people at home. We didn’t isolate the kids. We went to school with polio a possibility. There still is no HIV vaccine. HIV was discovered in the early 1980s, mid-eighties. There’s no vaccine. There are now really powerful treatments for it, but there’s no vaccine. Most viruses don’t have vaccines. That’s why the talk of a vaccine here, that’s another mollifying tactic designed to make you, “Hey, if it’s only a year and a half, I can do that, I can wait that long.”

Folks, there may never be a coronavirus vaccine. Why isn’t there a vaccine for the common cold? I mean, everybody gets that, everybody gets the cold. We’ve had a chance to study the common cold for freaking millennia, and there isn’t even medicine for it when you get it. You can go out and get things that make you think you will have fewer symptoms, but there’s nothing you can take to prevent you from getting the common cold, and there is nothing you can take to get rid of it once you get it.

We have flu shots but no common cold shots. Common cold’s a virus. The flu is a virus. HIV is a virus that causes AIDS. You have to wonder about the ulterior motives of people who want this virus to be different. And by that I mean there are all kinds of viruses out there that we deal with — the flu, which hospitalizes many more, that kills many more, and yet there are people who want you to think of this virus as something from outer space, The Andromeda Strain, once you get it, that it’s too bad for you.

Look. It’s bad. I don’t want anybody to think I’m downplaying it. It’s just not what they say it is. It’s not what their projections said that it is. But my only point here — I’m talking politically and attitudinal — you have to wonder about the motives of the people who want this virus to be thought of as different.

Here’s a pull quote from the piece. “The Lockdown Is Loosening Whether Government Likes It Or Not — What is important and telling about the differences in people’s behavior this week is that no city or state government policies have actually changed. The people of New York themselves, and from accounts across the country in other places as well, have simply decided to loosen the guidelines for themselves. We tend to think of the idea of the government existing through the consent of the governed as being about elections, but it is about more than that, the successful lockdown of New York City was not enforced as much as it was consented to.”

The people of New York consented to it and all over the country, we consented. We agreed to it. ‘Cause they shot some really bad numbers at us. They told us that it was going to be really bad, and they gave us all these projected numbers of deaths and hospitalizations. They never talked about the number of recoveries, though.

“In a story that will disappear from the news media faster than a cockroach under kitchen lights, the Trump administration was proven correct about having the ventilators the nation needed.”

The Drive-By Media went overboard trying to portray Trump as unprepared, unwilling, unhelpful, clueless, out to lunch, as evidenced by, “We don’t have enough ventilators.” We’ve always had enough ventilators.

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