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RUSH: I want to tell you this too. In trying to be as historically accurate and honest as I can be, in every pandemic that we have experienced, there has been a second wave.

There is always a second wave — and if there is with coronavirus, don’t panic, and don’t think that it’s something abnormal. You perhaps have heard people talk a lot about the Spanish Flu from 1917 and 1918. And, by the way, the Spanish Flu got its name not because of anything that happened in Spain. That’s not why it got its name.

I forget the reason, but actually it was because of actions that happened in the United States. It was called the Spanish Flu, but it did not have anything to do with what happened in Spain. What happened? We never shut down for any reason whatsoever during either phase of the Spanish Flu. The second wave of the Spanish Flu was actually spread by soldiers in World War I.

As soldiers were deployed to combat, they were infected, and they spread the virus. And so, if there is a second wave, there almost always is, because at some point… Well, whether you hunker down or not, remember there wasn’t a shutdown of any kind for the Spanish Flu in 1917. But eventually infections run their course.

The immunity that takes place because of that runs its course and then a new group from a different place contract whatever the disease is, the virus. In this case, it was called Spanish Flu. So, there may be a second wave. And I’ll tell you what’s gonna happen if there’s a second wave. The people right now who disagree with reopening are gonna clamor to shut down again.

They’re gonna demand that we shut down again. They’re gonna demand to go back — and the closer to the election any second wave happens, the more they are going to demand that we shut down and lockdown all over again. Mark my words. I hope there isn’t a second wave, but the quote-unquote “experts” are predicting it, saying it’s almost unavoidable.

Because while we have successfully handled the curve, we have not stopped the disease at all. We don’t have a vaccine. We don’t have a treatment. So, all we’ve done is prevent a number of people from getting it who otherwise would have gotten it had we not locked down.

Now that we’re lifting lockdown orders, the logic says that more people are going to get infected. What is hoped is that there’s enough herd immunity eventually that has created enough antibodies in enough people that they will thus have an immunity based on that. So, just remember: Second wave, almost every pandemic has one.

Maybe not in every country. But there is one.

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