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RUSH: I mentioned earlier Trump’s tweet to Andrew Cuomo. We have a series of Trump tweets here. The Cuomo tweet is this. “Governor Cuomo should spend more time doing and less time complaining. Get out there, get the job done. Stop talking. We built you thousands of hospital beds that you didn’t need or use. We gave large numbers of ventilators that you should have had and helped you with testing that you should have been doing already without us. We have given New York far more money, help, and equipment than any other state by far, and these great men and women who did their job never hear you say ‘thanks,’ Governor. Your numbers are not good. Less talk and more action.”

Here he is slapping Cuomo in the face and basically saying grow up and act like a man. Start doing and stop complaining. By the way, that’s one thing. Do you ever remember Donald Trump complaining about anything, other than the media treatment, in terms of the specifics of the circumstance, do you remember him complaining about, “Oh, my God. I’ve got it worse than anybody’s ever had it.” He doesn’t complain. He’ll complain about the media, but that actually is a way of trashing them.

Here’s some tweets from today starting at 9:50 a.m. “Today people started losing their jobs because of crazy Nancy Pelosi, crying Chuck Schumer, and the radical left do-nothing Democrats who should immediately come back to Washington and approve legislation to help families in America. End your endless vacation.”

He’s right. Pelosi will not bring the Democrats back, will not bring the Democrats back to authorize additional funding for Small Business Administration loans to small business. She will not. She will not do one thing that might end up helping Donald Trump, even if it hurts the American people. And the American people are figuring this out.

Trump tweeted, “Liberate Virginia. Save your great Second Amendment. It’s under siege.” Then he tweeted, “Liberate Michigan” and then tweeted, “Liberate Minnesota.” All of these places with Democrat governors.


RUSH: Now, a lot of people said, “Rush, why were you riffing on Governor Cuomo talking about his mom?” Well, let me play for you the sound bite. Look. People talking about their mothers is a very, very, very nice thing to do — and it’s a very relatable thing to do.

This happened during his daily press conference update on the status of the New York State and City effort to deal with COVID-19. And something about it just stood out to me in terms of, “Was this the right time or place to share this kind of thing? You tell me. It’s about 45 seconds, and that’s all it will take to get a flavor for it.

CUOMO: I don’t want to go see my mother, because she’s in a vulnerable population and I’m out and about a lot. So it would be careless to go see her now. But I think about all the times I have said to her — she lives in Manhattan. She said, “Can you come over for a cup of coffee today?” How many times I’ve said, “Yes, I’ll come over for a cup of coffee,” and then called back and said, “I can’t do it today.

“Next time. Next time. Next time. Next time.” Why? Well, something came up, I was busy, I didn’t have time the time. Wrong! Wrong! That was more important than anything else. Sometimes you don’t miss something until it’s been taken away — and it made me rethink what was important and what I had been missing. I’d been missing a lot.

RUSH: Well, uh, yeah, but you kind of imposed it on yourself and everybody else. So there’s a little guilt trip here. His mom’s asking, “Come over and see me Andrew.” “Sure, Mom. I’ll be there,” and then, “Hey, Mom, guess what? I can’t make it. Sandra Lee’s baking me a nice cake. I can’t make it. She got something really cool going on over at the Food Channel over there. I just can’t make it.”

“Okay, Andrew. Well, come and see me tomorrow.” “Okay, Mom, I’ll there be.” “Yeah, come have a cup of coffee.” “I’ll be there, Mom,” and he never gets there. He never gets there. Now he can’t go there because of two things: There’s a government-wide lockdown in New York, and his mom’s in a vulnerable population.

So there has to be big-time social distancing. So he’s telling everybody, “You know, you don’t want to have happen to you what happened to me. If you’ve got a chance to go see the people you love, go see them. Don’t wait ’til the time comes that you want to go see ’em and you can’t go see ’em.” (interruption) You have an observation?

The Official Program Observer. What’s the question? (interruption) Yeah, I think… (interruption) Mr. Snerdley, the Official Program Observer, as well as the Official Call Screener, has asked me, “Is Andrew Cuomo actively aware — is he actually calculating — that there is no way Plugs Biden will be the Democrat presidential nominee?”

Let me tell you what. (chuckles) For every time Andrew has said, “I’m not interested in running for president, I’ve got a too many things to do right now,” multiply that times 10 “yes.” Do you not think he’s…? He can read his own press. He can read that he’s doing rave reviews for these daily briefings, even though his state’s out of money.

When you get down to actual qualifications for running for president, the status of New York as an entity will argue against his qualification. But that’s for later. I guarantee you he can taste it. He can taste it. He’s got his old buddies in the media hoping, praying that he’s gonna do it, that they can come up with a way to change the rules to make it possible.

The only way… Not the only way. But it seems to me that for Andrew Cuomo’s desired trip to the Democrat nomination to happen, it is gonna have to be a brokered convention. Right? How else are they gonna do it? The rules are rules. They’ve already named Plugs the de facto, presumptive nominee.

Crazy Bernie has suspended his campaign now. Interestingly now Crazy Bernie’s holding onto his delegates. Crazy Bernie has not released his delegates. So his delegates are still tied up, and then you have the specter of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and what she wants to happen here. So what is the route to the Democrat nomination? She wants Crazy Bernie.

She wants somebody like Crazy Bernie. She wants somebody who is proudly, avowedly, publicly socialist. She doesn’t want Biden, unless she would be in the Kitchen Cabinet silent team actually managing the presidency while Plugs is out there, you know, hanging Christmas ornaments on the tree. Did you see these pictures of Biden?

Biden, poor guy, he doesn’t have a chance. There’s another picture all over Twitter, and it’s of Obama leaning in to talk to him, and Obama says, “Hey, Joe, I endorsed you today.” And Biden says, “Yeah? For what?” (laughing) And then there was a picture of Biden on Easter. They sent out this picture. Biden said, “Merry Christmas from Joe Biden and the Bidens…” (laughing)

It’s cruel stuff out there.

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