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RUSH: I’ll tell you what else is gonna happen: These revolts out there on the part of American people? They’re happening in Michigan. They’re happening in states run by Democrats. Do you realize the president said yesterday, “Some states could reopen tomorrow if they want,” meaning today? Trump said yesterday at the briefing, there are 29 states that are in good shape.

That’s including rural states like Montana, Wyoming, and North Dakota who already meet the requirements to reopen. In fact, there are 29 states with very few cases of coronavirus. There are a lot of states who — if they are inclined to do so — can open today by virtue of presidential proclamation. Now, they’re still gonna have to demonstrate the requirements and the guidelines.

Do you know 24% — this may surprise you, it may not — 24% of the counties in the United States have no coronavirus cases at all? Twenty-four counties, 29 states with very few cases and a lot of rural states that are capable of reopening. Rallies to reopen the economy spread across the fruited plain as officials urge caution to prevent coronavirus resurgence. “The Lockdown Is Loosening Whether Government Likes It Or Not.” This is a piece by David Marcus at The Federalist.

Byron York asks a good question here via Twitter. He says (paraphrasing), “Some people are pointing to Germany as a model of dealing with the virus. Germany will begin to reopen next week. Here in America, 35 plus states have lower case per million rates than Germany. Germany is gonna reopen next week. I mean, fully and totally. Around 30 states have lower death per million rates than Germany.”

So Germany as a model of dealing with the virus is gonna reopen next week. They’re gonna begin to reopen. Thirty-five states have a lower case per million rate than Germany. Thirty have a lower death per million rate. Somebody ought to slip that question under Biden’s door.

Why don’t the Democrats want to reopen? Why don’t you Democrats want to reopen? States, after stellar responses to the — why don’t you want to reopen? Why do you want to continue with crushing job losses all across the country when the initial goals have been reached here? The vast majority of hospitals have not been overrun. Disaster averted. Why wait?

Somebody needs to ask the press, somebody needs to ask the Democrats, and their answer’s gonna be, “We can’t afford a single death. We don’t have a vaccine. We don’t have testing.” Not the question. Why do you want to keep losing jobs? Why do you want the unemployment rate to keep skyrocketing? Why do you want the self-inflicted damage to the United States economy to continue?

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