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RUSH: Now the CDC numbers. This is gonna stun you. This is why we shut down, one of the many reasons we shut down. CDC projections — I’m gonna go back to March the 13th. So this is basically a month ago. And these numbers largely derived from the models that came from the U.K. and from the University of Washington.

Are you ready?

Projections by the Centers for Disease Control March 13th: 160 million to 214 million people would be infected.

Do you know what the infectious number is right now? Well, it ain’t 160 million. And it isn’t 214 million. The U.S. population is 328 million. These are their projections: 21 million people would be hospitalized. About 2.4 million to 21 million would be hospitalized; 925,000 staffed hospital beds in the entire United States; 810,000 hospitalizations for the flu in 2018. Hospitalizations for the COVID virus about 60,000.

They projected 925,000. They had to project something bigger than the swine flu. They had to project something bigger than the flu, keep everybody in line. They projected 2.4 million, 21 million people hospitalized. It’s 60,000. Do you remember these projections? Do you remember hearing that 160 million to 214 people would be infected? Do you remember hearing these numbers? Of course it’d make you stay home. Of course it would make you hunker down. Of course it would make you socially distance. We’re nowhere near these numbers a month later.

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