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RUSH: How many of you are spending time binge-watching television shows? Well, not even binge watching, just watching TV shows. Do you realize it wasn’t that long ago those TV shows were produced. They were shot. Everybody was able to get together. There was no coronavirus. Do you realize nobody can shoot a TV commercial or a TV show right now? Do you realize that pretty soon, where the networks are concerned, you’re gonna run out of original programming? You would anyway as we’re coming up on the May sweeps, which is when seasons end.

But it wasn’t that long ago that some of the final episodes of the season were being shot. And there were no restrictions. I look longingly, when I watch these TV shows, I look longingly at crowded freeways and people in restaurants. I do. I look longingly at it. I know full well that there are people in our country who do not want those circumstances to return anytime soon, and it just boggles my mind when, to me, it ought to be everybody’s first objective. Not meaning that we just cast aside concerns over the coronavirus.

But I don’t know how, I literally — well, I say this but I do know how. I was gonna say, I don’t know how you sit there, anybody sits there and actively wants this status quo to go on under the guise that if it saves one life, it’s worth it. The destruction of the country? The destruction of the world economy and the United States economy is worth it?

What’s scary is I know who those people are, and I know why they think this. I know why they’re perfectly fine with this economy being decimated. They hate it. They despise free market entrepreneurism, commonly called capitalism. They despise free market economics. They want government, centralized authority command-and-control over as much of life as they can. And there are active pockets of American liberalism in academia, written academic papers advocating this very thing transpire. Cloward-Piven is one example. Now that we’ve given ’em a head start, they’re excited by it, and there needs to be pushback on it.

By the way, speaking of binging TV shows, I don’t know how many of you have watched Bosch on Amazon Prime, but it’s one of my favorite shows out there. Season 6 was just debuted Friday, and it’s the best. Have you watched the season –(interruption) Have you finished it? You’ve watched all 10? Do you agree with me that this is a great season? The amount of work that goes in — these are 45-minute episodes — and the amount of work that goes into producing them, people have no idea. Not that you should.

But the amount of work, it would stun you. Have you ever seen the credits, the “edited by”? You have no idea how massive the editing job is per episode. Do you realize how long it takes? You got Bosch, for example, driving to the scene in his official police car, and five seconds of it is shot from camera in the backseat showing you the view out the windshield. Bosch probably had to drive that scene 10 or 12 takes. And they have all of those takes, they have to go out, find the best one, edit it all together.

The amount of repetition these actors have to go through, the amount of film they have to give the director in order to choose the best from every scene that’s shot, it would boggle your mind. And as I watch Bosch, it is amazing the detail that they are using to shoot. You don’t need to put a camera in the car while the guy’s driving up to the scene, but they do it. If it’s only just for three seconds, it brings more realism to it. I don’t know. It boggles my mind. Anyway, if you’re a Bosch fan, this is the best season, in my memory, anyway.

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