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RUSH: Reuters is declaring that the coronavirus crisis took a “sharp political turn” on Friday. Yeah, they blame President Trump for taking this “political turn” when he supported protesters in states with over-the-top lock-down measures. “Liberate Michigan!” “Liberate Minnesota!” “Liberate Virginia!” the president tweeted.

Well, let’s look back at some political turns. In January, as Democrats were focused like a laser beam on pushing impeachment witnesses, President Trump issued a ban on travel from China. the Democrats took a sharp political turn, accusing Trump of racism and xenophobia! Nancy Pelosi and Mayor de Blasio even encouraged people to attend mass gatherings in Chinatown for the Lunar New Year.

You want to see sharp political turns in action? Watch Democrats, posing as journalists, using the daily task force briefings to lay blame on President Trump – echoing ChiCom propaganda points.

You want to see a sharp political turn? How about Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer letting the small business emergency funding run out, while they play political games — and look at the Democrat response to these protests. Both Governor Whitmer and Nancy Pelosi have ridiculed the Americans who object to having their lives shut down and ruined with illogical, unreasonable, and arbitrary rules.

Now, I don’t know where Reuters has been, but leftist politics has “turned” this crisis from day one, because liberals put their political agenda above everything else — including the U.S. economy.

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