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RUSH: I mentioned earlier that because of the great research taking place in Australia, it has been learned that farting may spread the coronavirus. I have a companion story to that the U.K. Daily Mail.

Sex Scenes Face Extinction as Actors Are Concerned About Getting Intimate in the Wake of COVID-19 — Actors have expressed concerns about filming intimate scenes involving kissing in future projects once social distancing restrictions are lifted. Major entertainment insurers are drawing up new policies to protect A-list talent, with studios worried some scenes will be ‘uninsurable.’

“This will likely have stars and production staff having to take coronavirus tests before stepping on set. A leading Hollywood intimacy coordinator tells DailyMail.com that coronavirus will likely change the production industry forever.”

Hey, wouldn’t you like to be the intimacy coordinator, say, on whoever your favorite actress’s movie is, Mr. Snerdley? Did you even know there was such a thing as the intimacy coordinator? Yeah. Intimacy coordinator. And this intimacy coordinator says she feels some productions will remove kissing or sex scenes altogether to avoid dealing with potential safety issues. Some people might say, “You know what? That ain’t so bad. Cleaning up some smut may not be so bad.”

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