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RUSH: I found a story here from The Hague. You Democrats, since you’re already off the rails, here’s something that might interest you. “The Netherlands’ highest court has ruled that doctors can carry out euthanasia in patients with advanced dementia if the patient has earlier made a written directive.” Now, the Democrat Party ought to be looking at this through a microscope.

Some of them will say, “You mean to tell me that there may be approved euthanasia in advanced dementia cases? The Netherlands’ highest court?” This means The Hague — and of course, whatever happens in The Hague can be applied. It’s a world court to a lot of people. You think the Democrats when they see this story might think Biden? What was it, a story yesterday that I didn’t get to that is related to this.

Ah, it was just on the tip of my tongue. Oh, well. It will come to me. Maybe I kept it. Did I keep it in yesterday’s Stack? Now that I’ve got this thing on my mind, I want to see if I can… (interruption) No, it wasn’t about… (interruption) Oh. Oh. It was Dinesh D’Souza. Dinesh D’Souza tweeted. He was in the Reagan White House back during Reagan’s second term. He said…

I’m paraphrasing a tweet. Dinesh D’Souza said if think about in the Reagan White House literally thought the president had early onset Alzheimer’s or dementia, they would have done something about it. They would not have covered it up. Nobody in the Reagan administration would have covered it up. They would have found a way to deal with it because it would be irresponsible.

His point is that somebody or a series of somebodies in the Democrat Party is knowingly putting Joe Biden out there when he is not competent. They are knowingly putting him out there in situations where he’s saying things in a rambling, incoherent way, because he obviously has something mentally wrong. It’s a natural part of aging.

But there are obviously other things going on. It happens to a lot of people. This is not a criticism, political or otherwise, of Joe Biden. It’s actually whoever is putting him out there… Like, what was the last thing? He was on some show. We had the sound bite where he’s talking about what FDR was doing during World War II. It was the most incoherent thing.

He was trying to relate it to the way to deal with coronavirus. It was simply incoherent. Somebody put him out there on that show. Somebody is sending him behind the camera from that little setup they have in Plugs’ basement, and it really is true. The point is that they know. The family knows. The Democrat hierarchy knows.

The Drive-By Media knows. They all know that Joe Biden is not right, and they send him out there. To me, that is a great, great indication of cruelty.

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