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RUSH: They’re flying drones over Palm Beach, over the beach. Did you see that? It’s the most fascinating picture. There’s a drone photo, and the drone happened to catch a pelican. My favorite bird’s the pelican, and this picture is of a pelican. The pelican’s flying just below the drone and the pelican is in the picture. It’s a picture of the Midtown Beach, and the Palm Beach police put it out, “Oh, no, no, no, no!

“We are not using this to violate anybody’s rights. We’re not doing this…” It wasn’t the police. It was the city government people. “No, no, no, no. We’re not. We’re not.” It’s a fascinating picture. I’ll see if I can come up with the picture. You may be able to find it. I didn’t take a screen grab of it for once. I wasn’t thinking.


RUSH: All right. We got that picture. We got that picture. Here is the picture. We’re gonna post it at RushLimbaugh.com too. That picture on the Dittocam right now — and I hope you’re watching this on the Apple TV app, the Rush Limbaugh app on Apple TV, which has the Dittocam exclusively on your big screen. That’s a police drone taking a picture of the Midtown beach. That’s just a little north of where Worth Avenue would be. So that’s not close from Royal Palm Way, to give you a marker from where that picture’s taken. And the pelican, of course, has no idea that its photo is being taken.

I saw this yesterday. And the police department, “No, no, no, no, no, no, no. We’re just testing. We’re not checking social distancing or any of that.” Now, I mentioned that pelicans, one of my all-time favorite birds, even though I live on a beach, you can’t get too close to these things unless they’re in captivity, then they charge you wanting to be fed. But you have to go to a preserve for that. In the wild, you know, they kind of flee.

So I was shocked. Back in December I was playing golf, and there’s a freshwater lake on this golf course. And I noticed on a concrete lid over a drain there were two pelicans. I was able to get — here, put that picture up. This is a picture I took — I was able to get that close to them. The pelican’s a saltwater bird, an ocean bird. I’m wondering what in the world they were doing, these two were doing, on a freshwater lake. (interruption) You have freshwater pelicans out where you live? (interruption) You do? All right, okay then you may know more about pelicans. I thought they were exclusive, like New Orleans they’re all over saltwater —

Anyway, these things, these two guys didn’t flinch as I walked over. They just stood there. Or, in this case, one of them just sat there. And very quickly here, grab sound bite number 22. This is the bite from yesterday. This is the mayor of Elizabeth, New Jersey, Chris Bollwage, talking to an MSNBC reporter.

REHEMA ELLIS: Elizabeth New Jersey is now using drones to spread the lifesaving message. The mayor hopes the drones’ message will reinforce the CDC warning to avoid large crowds.

CHRIS BOLLWAGE: Mayors need to be creative. We have to figure out a way to get to people that police cars can’t get to. If these drones save one life, it is clearly worth the activity and the information that the drones are sending.

REHEMA ELLIS: The drones donated by DJI, a Chinese company, have gone to 43 agencies in 22 states, all to help the enforce social distancing rules.

RUSH: Are you kidding me?

REHEMA ELLIS: The authorities say the drones aren’t taking pictures or collecting evidence. It’s a high-tech warning against the deadly virus.

RUSH: Okay. So they’re not taking any pictures. They just want you to see the drone and be intimated. So, you’re just supposed to look up and see the drone, “Uh-oh. They’re spying.” They say they’re not. And you’re supposed to immediately conform. And then the data is being sent back to the ChiComs? The drones have been donated by a ChiCom company? In 22 states. “If it saves just one life.” How about this: If it saves just one life, reopening the United States economy would be worth it.

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