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RUSH: Now, before our, quote-unquote, “friends” on the left completely freak out — which they will, if they haven’t already. If Trump does it, they’re gonna freak out like you can’t believe. “Xenophobia! Racism! Trump wants people to stay out!”

It’s the only card they know to play — race, poverty, women and children hardest hit — and it’s gonna come full speed ahead. The thing to remember is the virus doesn’t know borders. The virus doesn’t have a race. It’s not xenophobic. It’s hidden. It’s invisible. It’s really invisible in asymptomatic people.

Asymptomatic people, people not suffering from it nevertheless are contagious. What matters is keeping America safe. What matters is keeping the virus out of the country any which way we can, even now. I mean, what was the objective? Oh, yes! “We must make sure that our hospitals and doctors and nurses are not overwhelmed. We just must make sure of that.

“We must make sure that anybody taking care of the sick is not overwhelmed doing so.” What have I heard Democrats say? “If this action…” Like the mayor yesterday — some mayor somewhere — in agreeing with the drone policy said. There are cities flying drones over there looking for people violating social distancing, looking for people violating other ordinances. Drone flights!


RUSH: We had the sound bite from the mayor yesterday somewhere just extolling the virtues of these drones.

He said, “If it saves just one life, the drones will be worth it.”

Well, if it saves just one life, wouldn’t shutting down the borders and temporarily suspending immigration be worth it? Unh-uh. Unh-uh. Not to the left. This is one time where saving even just one life will not be valid. Trump’s tweet: “In light of the attack from the Invisible Enemy, as well as the need to protect the jobs of our GREAT American Citizens, I will be signing an Executive Order to temporarily suspend immigration into the United States!”

Look, the country is locked down. Why wouldn’t immigration be suspended? I urged the president to do this. Grab audio sound bite number 1. I urged the president to do this back in March, March 6th on this program. Yeah. I wanted him to do it to stop the caravans that were on their way. Here, listen to the bite…

RUSH ARCHIVE: The president of the United States does not even have to declare a national emergency. He can rely on existing federal law to stop all immigration today on the basis that there is a crisis, that there is an invasion. He can cite any number of reasons for it, but he doesn’t even have to do that. The law permits him singularly to decide whether or not there is a crisis or danger at the border.

RUSH: It was true then, and it’s true now. He doesn’t need to cite a reason. All he has to believe — or decide — is that there is a crisis or an imminent threat or danger at the border, and he can temporarily suspend it, which is what he’s announced he’s going to do. Now, if you and I cannot move about as we please, if you and I have to maintain our social distance, if you and I have to follow all of the guidelines — and of course, they praise us every day at the briefing.

Everybody stands up and says, “I want to really praise the American people. You are really responding to our threats — uh, uh, guidelines — exceedingly well.” Let me tell you what they’re really doing — and Dr. Birx even referenced this a couple weeks ago. She marveled at the power they have in shaping nationwide behavior. She went on to say, “We’ve never tried this before. We were worried we couldn’t do this.”

And they’re now blown away that they’ve had success in dictating behavior, not just in America, but around the world. And I’m telling you, folks, they can taste it. And there’s another thing brewing out there that “We can’t go back! We can never go back to what was normal.” The hell we can’t! I’m not gonna accept that. “Come on, Rush, get your head out of the mud. You know things are never gonna be the same.”

Why do we accept this? If you go back to 1917/1918 (the president cites that era frequently; that would be the Spanish flu), we had so many more deaths. There were other things that were more important to the American people. World War I was occupying everything. Woodrow Wilson was the president. I’m not making this up. He couldn’t have cared let about the Spanish flu. His objective was to stop the Germans.

So the Spanish flu didn’t get any federal attention at all. There weren’t any lockdowns. There weren’t any, “You can’t go here; you can’t go there.” There were no shutdowns of any businesses. A lot of people died. We didn’t lose any freedom. We didn’t have to go back. Nothing changed. This is not nearly that bad. The idea that we can’t go back to normal is another…

Don’t fall for it, folks. It’s another attempt… (interruption) By who? (chuckling) Who is it always? The American left, whoever that is to you. The Democrat Party, the permanent administrative state in Washington, I don’t care who it is to you. They want a globalist regime. They want a globalist center of power. That requires or necessitates the United States being reduced, being made smaller in power and economic fortitude and strength.

The United States of America is what stands in the way of globalist dreams. Madeleine Albright is one of them. She teaches at Georgetown. You know, she of teaches that there’s nothing special or exceptional about the U.S. and our founding. It just happened to be a confluence of certain people at a certain time. There’s nothing more to it than that. Certainly, no reason to think America’s anything special. That’s just, frankly, absurd.

But she’s teaching young skulls full of mush that in Georgetown in the foreign policy school. She has been for a long time, and those people that are graduating, where do they end up? They end up at the State Department. They end up at Homeland Security. They end up somewhere in government — all thinking alike, many of them dressing alike — because conformity is the name of the game and how you advance in that world.

And these are the people out there saying, “Oh, well, I don’t think we can go back to the way it was.” Why the hell not? “I don’t know, Rush. I don’t know. Do you think we’re ever gonna be able to go back to putting, say, 75,000 people a sports stadium?” Why the hell not? “Well, social distancing, Rush! I mean, it’s necessary to keep people six feet apart.” What, forever? Really? There have been a lot of disruptions to the American way of life, including the Civil War, and we’ve always gone back. There has not been a permanent sacrificing of named liberties and freedoms.

There have been attempts on them. And some people would argue with me that I’m wrong, that there have been successful attacks, results too, that’s probably true. I don’t want to plant the flag on that right now today. The point is don’t fall for this notion we can’t go back to the way it was, don’t fall for we can’t go back to normal. We, of course, can. And it ought to be an objective.

And I’m not talking about going back to the fifties and Ozzie and Harriet. I’m talking about going back to the way it was in January. There’s no reason we can’t other than being told, “Oh, yeah, yeah, I don’t see how we can ever go back to the way it was.” What do you mean, restaurants not being open? What do you mean, places that had a hundred seats are now only gonna have 40?

The new normal, everybody wearing masks all the time out in public? “Oh, yeah, those things, Rush, are gonna be necessary.” No, they’re not. Not in Rush world. Not in Realville. Don’t fall for it. Always examine who it is saying this before you sign on to it. And I’ll guarantee to you if you look into it you’ll find it’s the same people who don’t like America the way it’s been for a long time who have thus sought to change it one way or the other.

This immigration business, I guarantee you, this is a test to determine who the serious people are. If you and I can’t move about as we please, why should illegal immigrants be allowed to? What are we gonna immediately sequester ’em once they get in? What are we gonna do, put ’em in cages? What are we gonna, put ’em in cages and make sure they’re no closer than six feet to each other? What are we gonna do? I’m saying that on purpose, Mr. Snerdley. I’m throwing it back in the left’s face.

So while you and I are mandated to be hunkered down in our homes the illegals can cross the border and go wherever they want? How is it fair? By the way, another question. How is it fair to bring immigrants into a country without a vaccine for the coronavirus? Isn’t it a death sentence? Why would we want to treat the poor, disadvantaged, homeless, thirsty, hungry, illegal immigrant, why would we want to bring them into a country with the virus ravaging everybody in its wake? That would be cruel, wouldn’t it?

I mean, I have been waiting, in fact, for some Democrat like Chuck You Schumer or Pelosi or Cortez to blame us for wanting illegal immigrants in the country so that they will get the virus. I’ve been waiting for this allegation. I’ve been thinking it’s gonna happen. So now Trump has announced he’s gonna executive order, he’s gonna suspend, not do away with, he’s gonna suspend it. I would think that the Democrats in and out of the media would call it cruel to let anybody into a country without a vaccine for the coronavirus. How could we be so heartless? How could we be so mean?

If we can’t go to football or baseball games until there’s a vaccine, 18 months? If we can’t open restaurants and sit amongst each other until there’s a vaccine for 18 months, then shouldn’t we shut down the border for 18 months? You think that would fly with the Democrat Party, Mr. Snerdley? (interruption) You do? (interruption) Ho, of course not. The Democrats are not gonna go along with a 18-month or until we get a vaccine suspension of immigration. But isn’t it cruel to be any other way? Only a bigot and a xenophobe and a racist would want to expose illegal immigrants to such a danger, a country where there’s no vaccine for the coronavirus.


RUSH: No, I’ve got the statute right here. The United States code 1182 8 USC 1182, Section 212 after the Immigration and Nationality Act can temporarily suspend immigration — this is legal, by the way. Illegal immigration’s illegal from the get-go, it should be.


RUSH: Right on schedule. Right on schedule. I’ve been speaking about her: Madam Albright — Madeleine Albright, former secretary of state for Slick Willie. You know, you may have forgotten this. When the Lewinsky thing happened, when Matt Drudge dredged up the spiked Newsweek story that Slick Willie had been having an affair with an intern with cigars and pizza boxes and so forth in the Oval Office?

Madam Albright led the contingent of women working for Clinton who came out of the West Wing, formed a semicircle outside the White House, singing Clinton’s praises, because they believed his lying denial when he said (interruption), “I never had sex with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky — whatever her name is — not a single time. Ever! Now, I… I gotta… I gotta end this. I gotta get back to work for the American people.”

Here comes Madeleine Albright leading the charge. Well, here she is. She was on PMSNBC today with Andrea Mitchell. Question: “What about the president’s executive order that he’s gonna suspend immigration?” Now, remember, this is legal. Illegal immigration’s already theoretically stopped (laughing) because we’re enforce the law. My point is that the left is gonna want illegal and legal immigration to continue.

Anyway… “For all intents and purposes,” says Andrea Mitchell here, “immigration has already been stopped. But as an immigrant of this country, having fled from the Nazis with your family after the war, how do you feel…?” What does that have to do with a damn thing? And here’s Madam Albright’s tearful answer…

ALBRIGHT: Well, I’m stunned, and I really do think that the Statue of Liberty is weeping. That is unamerican.

RUSH: Wrong.

ALBRIGHT: I think he did it for political reasons. I think he wants to kind of shut down America — which, as far as I’m concerned, is unamerican.

RUSH: For crying out loud, of course we want to shut down America right now. The Statue of Liberty ought to be wearing a mask! Somebody ought to put a mask on the Statue of Liberty, for crying out loud, to illustrate where we all are. This is insane. Of course, we want to shut down the country! You people want to literally shut down the U.S. economy!

We want to protect it. The country is locked down. Why shouldn’t immigration being suspended? I don’t have to go to through this again. I just wanted to show you that I was right, that the left was gonna react politically to this as though it’s outrageous. So while the coronavirus is running loose in this country and it’s invisible and we don’t have a vaccine, we should bring people in and run the risk that they might acquire it?

Why, what kind of people do that? It’s no different than knowing that a very contagious flu is in your house and you invite the neighborhood in. If people found out you did that, you would be in heap big doo-doo. No, I’m serious. Somebody ought to put a mask on the statue. Let that be a task for Governor Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio to work on, a joint project. It doesn’t have to be a real mask.

You don’t want to waste all the material, but get up there with a scaffold and put a mask on the statue and blame it on the Trump. Put some anti-Trump sign on the mask. It’d be typical of what the Democrats would do.

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