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RUSH: Just waiting for something Governor Cuomo just said to print. You won’t believe this. Now, Governor Cuomo already today during the Governor Cuomo “I’m Governor and You’re Not Briefing” said that he is thinking about allowing now elective surgeries. He will allow elective surgeries.

(interruption) What? (interruption) Yeah, how nice of him. But heeeeee will allow elective surgeries! Your doctor…? (Snort!) You think your doctor can? Screw you. It’s up to Governor Cuomo, after consultation with President Trump if he can get enough money to give the hospital to do the surgery. I got a note today, I got… My golf buddies, I can tell, they’re getting antsy out there.

They’re getting really antsy. They’re starting to send me notes. “Hey, I think it’s gonna be soon, Rush. Are you ready? Maybe in a couple of weeks.” I got a note today from one of them that said, “You know what? We may be able to get out there the first week in May if the government allows,” and I wrote, “That triggered me: ‘If the government allows.’

“Look, we’re 70-year-old people, and it’s assumed we do not know what’s in our best interests and it’s assumed that people that run our club do not know how to run their club, do not know how to keep their own members’ best interests.” He said, “Calm down.” I said, “No. You get rid of this attitude! Allow. When government allows us to go play golf? That’s what’s wrong with it!”

(interruption) What? (interruption) No, a woman’s health issues now between a government and the government. You’re just trying to stir it up out there with that question. I know what you’re doing. It used to be the woman’s health issues were between her and her doctor, her and Planned Parenthood, whatever. Her and her doctor.

Now the doctor’s gotta defer to Governor Cuomo, whether he’d allow it. Get this! At Governor Cuomo’s “I’m Governor and You’re Not Briefing” today a reporter asked him what he would say to New Yorkers who want to go back to work (chuckling) because they’re running out of money. He said, “Economic hardship does not equal death.”

Meaning, “What do you want? You want to die, or do you want to be poor? Do you want to die, or you want to be hungry? Economic hardship doesn’t equal death.” The hell it might not! But then he wasn’t finished. There’s another sentence to what he said. “If you want to go to work, go get a job as an essential worker.” (interruption) Well… (interruption)

No! He’s never, never suffered economic hardship at all in his life, never. Not personal economic hardship. So “economic hardship doesn’t equal death.” There you go, folks. That’s their attitude, everybody in favor of this shutdown. “You’re losing your business. You’re losing your job. Be grateful that you’re not dead.

“Be grateful you haven’t died. We have saved you — and if you really want to go to work then go get a job as an essential worker,” meaning, “Whatever you were doing before this is chump change to us! (crumbling up paper) Governor Andrew Cuomo! (crumbling up paper) I’m wadding this thing up into tightest little ball you have ever seen.

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