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RUSH: I got an email, just checked an email. Honestly — not making this up — it came from Rio Linda, or it says it’s from Rio Linda — “could you explain herd immunity?” Yeah, I can explain herd immunity and I can probably explain it in the simplest, least complex way that you’ve ever had it explained to you. In a nutshell, if enough people get the virus and thus have the antibody, when you get the virus — and we’re gonna assume you survive it — you now have an antibody to it. You have an immunity to it. It’s true of many viruses, not all, ’cause you get the cold frequently, the flu has different strains.

But herd immunity I believe is happening in many states, and in many parts of states. Very simply, if enough people get the virus, enough people in a state, enough people in a town, any large group, and thus have the antibody, then the virus cannot spread. If it goes into a person with the antibody, the virus dies. It is defeated by the antibody which exists after you have been infected, whether you’ve had symptoms or not.

This is why the antibody tests are so crucial. A lot of people never have any symptoms, but they have built up the antibody. The virus dies in every person who has the antibodies. It’s not passed on to somebody else who has not had it. That’s what herd immunity does. It stops the spread. And it’s amazing that so many people are pooh-poohing this. And who are these people pooh-poohing it? I’ll give you one question. I’ll give you one answer, give you one hint. They belong to a political party that begins with the letter D.

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