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RUSH: Judging merely by credentials, a lot of people would say Elizabeth Bartholet is at the pinnacle. She’s a law professor at Harvard. She’s the faculty director of Harvard’s Child Advocacy Program.

Professor Bartholet decided to weigh in on the coronavirus in an article for Harvard Magazine. She’s worried about children being homeschooled by their parents, and forced to be in lockdown with their parents all day, every day.

Professor Bartholet says the question is whether parents should have all of that access, all of that “authoritarian control over their children.” The professor says in her view, that kind of control is “dangerous.” It’s dangerous to put “powerful people in charge of the powerless.” It’s dangerous to give those powerful people — the parents — total authority over the powerless people, their crumb crunchers!

So you parents out there? You are much too dangerous for your own children to be left with you during this crisis because of you dictator-like attitudes. You have too much power, too much unchallenged authority over your poor, powerless kids! It makes you dangerous, more dangerous than the coronavirus, or any other virus.

This anti-parent drivel wasn’t written for the Onion or some satirical publication. This is in Harvard Magazine. So what’s more dangerous for America? The coronavirus with parents staying at home with their children, or an esteemed, credentialed Harvard professor and child advocate?

This is incredible. It’s an easy answer. This woman’s another wacko. Jeez!

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