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RUSH: You know, let’s go back to the woman’s question at the town hall last night. And again the question (imitation), “President Trump, my husband and I, we thank you and your family and your staff for your great dedication. We pray for you every day. Why are you such a bully? Why can’t you tone it down? Why can’t you stop making fun of people, why can’t you,” blah, blah, blah, blah.

Now, this question might make people think that Trump is losing his base. I don’t think so, folks. I don’t think Trump is losing his base at all, even during this. Let me tell you what happened here in South Florida yesterday. There’s a residential area here up in Jupiter called Admirals Cove. I think Celine Dion used to live there. Celine Dion used to live every freaking place here, if you believe people. Anyway, it’s a boating community. It’s one of these places where you can drive your yacht right up to your dock that abuts the backyard of your house.

Well, apparently a guy living in Admirals Cove decided to fly — was it an American flag or was it a Trump flag? I think he was flying the American flag or something, and a guy across the street complained to the homeowners association at Admirals Cove. “This guy, this guy, this guy’s flying a flag.” And maybe he put up a Trump flag with the America flag. Not sure which it was. In fact, hang on a second. I might be able to – (interruption) It was a Trump flag? He told the board he was offended because the guy across the canal was flying a flag in his yard. Doesn’t say what kind of flag. So either one, American flag or Trump flag.

So, you have a busybody complaining about some other neighbor flying a flag. So, the guy in the homeowners committee told the guy he had to take the flag down, whether it’s an American flag or Trump flag, I’m not sure. You know what the guy did? The guy got on his boat and he took it and had it wrapped and made the entire boat look like a Trump flag, and it’s about a 45-footer. So on both sides of this guy’s boat — it’s a fishing boat — both sides were painted blue with the Trump name and logo. And this then begat a 400-vessel parade down the Intracoastal Waterway all the way down to Mar-a-Lago, which of course is Trump’s club and resort.

And that just happened spontaneously. It was all because some busybody — and, by the way, these busybodies, they’re being promoted. You know, governors are using snitches in their states to spy on other citizens if they’re violating social distancing, if they’re not wearing masks, whatever it is. And so this guy was upset over the display of a flag phoned in to the homeowners association, made the guy take the flag down. The guy said to hell with this, decked his boat out, obviously looked like a Trump boat. And this started a spontaneous 400-vessel parade down the Intracoastal, Admirals Cove, Jupiter down — it would take ’em a long time to make that trek and get back. And it was spur of the moment.

So the idea that the Trump base has somehow whittled away — even back to May 1st Gallup had a poll that the president’s approval number was at a record high in that poll among all of this. I’ve got it somewhere here in The Stack.

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