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RUSH: Finally, finally back at it here. Every time I go away to get some treatment something else happens and I get three days tacked on to the original number of days I was gonna have to miss. And it ticks me off. But, nevertheless, my friends, we’re back. We are here lined up and ready to go for more broadcast excellence behind the Golden EIB Microphone. Rush Limbaugh. Really happy to be back here with you. Telephone number, 800-282-2882. And the email address, ElRushbo@eibnet.us.

There is some value in it in that when I’m not at work every day, I’m not gonna be utilizing it, staying informed is the job, it’s the hobby. But, man, it changes your perspective when it’s not something that you have to absorb and categorize and prepare to use the next day on the radio program. So you can consume news like everybody else does. And I have to tell you, one of the things that has stood out to me in the last five, seven days is how just over-the-top really, really bothered, really, really perplexed and really, really in a quandary the Democrats are over what to do about Biden.

Biden, to me, is a joke. Biden is somebody that’s not gonna be on the ticket anyway. Something’s gonna happen. They can’t possibly, they can’t possibly go into the race with the guy on the ticket. He couldn’t withstand one debate with Trump if there were any debates. I mean, this is my instinctive feeling about it, but the Democrats are all tied in knots and pretzels here because of the #MeToo movement, and it’s fascinating to watch the media wring their hands about it.

Have you heard, the New York Times literally had an editorial where they suggested that the Democrat National Committee investigate Plugs. Did the Republican National Committee investigate Kavanaugh? I mean, the New York Times doesn’t want the media to have anything to do with investigating Plugs. They don’t want to get anywhere near it. They are such hypocrites, and it is becoming obvious. I mean, I think a lot of things that normally do not attach to Democrats are beginning to attach, such as hypocrisy. They’re desperate to do something about it. And they don’t know what to do about it.

They have these dreams of Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama as a dream ticket. But the problem is Plugs wants the job. And if Plugs shows up wherever they have a convention and says, “Here are my delegates,” what are they gonna do? They can’t just tell Plugs to go take a flier. By the same token, forget Plugs. The people behind Plugs, the people who want Plugs to be president, those are the people who are having dreams about all the presidential power they will have. They don’t want anything happening to Plugs.

You know, Plugs has his Kitchen Cabinet, this silent bunch of people behind him that, in their minds, they’re gonna actually be the ones running the country ’cause Plugs is not gonna know where he is day to day. And I’m not even saying that trying to be humorous. It is a fact.


RUSH: Here is Mack, North Branford, Connecticut. Welcome, sir. Great to have you with us. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. And all the best for all you’re going through. My question is, is Chris Dodd a good representative for Joe Biden’s vice presidential search committee in light of his previous reputation as being a longtime womanizer while in the Senate?

RUSH: You may be more informed than I. Has Chris Dodd been hired for the VP search committee by — (interruption) Okay. So Biden announced the pick before the Tara Reade story broke? (interruption) During it. Okay.

CALLER: During it.

RUSH: Well, since you allude to Chris Dodd as a womanizer, I think it’s only fair to recount some of his history since there may be many in the audience who are perplexed and never heard of Chris Dodd as a womanizer, what does that possibly mean? Just stick with me here for a second, Mack, before we get back to answer the question. Chris Dodd used to have a running mate, a friend he palled around town with. Ted Kennedy was his name. And they had a restaurant that they favored in Washington called La Brasserie. It’s not there any longer. And the favored practice of Senator Dodd and Senator Kennedy, they liked to make waitress sandwiches in the private rooms upstairs at La Brasserie.

Now, a waitress sandwich is not something on the menu that you would actually eat. Well, given that it’s these two — what would happen, folks, is that you would have a waitress in the middle. You get a table, you put a couple tables together. It’s a vacant room upstairs at La Brasserie. Waitress on the table and underneath the waitress would be either Dodd or Kennedy and then on top of the waitress would be the other Dodd or Kennedy. So you could envision this, this is the waitress sandwich. The waitress was always in the middle, sometimes Dodd was the lower piece of bread. Sometimes he was the upper piece of bread.

Some days there was mayonnaise on it. Some days there was mustard. Some days ketchup, some days you never know what was on the waitress sandwich. But these were legion. You think I’m making this up. I am not making this up. Now, Chris Dodd was a famous, famous, you know, run around with Ted Kennedy kind of guy. These are the kind of things that happened. So Mack here wants to know if someone with this kind of reputation is adequately placed as somebody on the vice presidential steering committee for Biden. Mack, is that the kind of stuff you’re referring to?

CALLER: Yes, sir.

RUSH: Yeah. How many people do you think even remember that? I think it’s just a throwback, you know, Biden going back to his days of familiarity. That’s the heyday of his time in Washington, D.C., when Kennedy and Dodd and these guys are running around. It’s a familiar choice. I think that Biden and everybody in his orbit just sitting there thinking nothing’s gonna happen to him. The Tara Reade thing is gonna go away. The press is not gonna press this. They’re not gonna move in on it. There’s a double standard and he’s not gonna be held accountable for this in any way, shape, manner. He may be wrong about that, but I think that’s their attitude. Therefore choosing Chris Dodd, putting him on the steering committee, selection committee, I don’t think Biden sees it as a problem at all.

CALLER: Okay. I’m just surprised that there is no #MeToo even mention of this at all.

RUSH: You’re surprised, you mean in relationship to Tara Reade?

CALLER: No. For him being named to pick a vice president on the committee to name the vice president.

RUSH: What, you’re surprised the #MeToo movement has not reacted in outrage that Chris Dodd has been chosen?

CALLER: Not necessarily outrage, but at least questioned.

RUSH: Aw, come on. The people in the #MeToo movement are the kind of people that wish they were the waitress. We got — honest-to-goodness here. The #MeToo movement is not aimed at Democrats, and this Biden thing is illustrating it. The #MeToo movement is nothing more than a Democrat objective to get rid of Republicans. It has nothing to do with women. It has nothing to do with believing women. It has nothing with treating women fairly. It’s nothing more than a destroy Republicans technique.

Now they’ve gotten caught on it. Now they’ve got the exact kind of allegation that Kavanaugh was hit with except this one is even more believable. There wasn’t any believability to Christine Blasey Ford and her allegation. But this one has some believability to it. And you add this to the fact that Biden was in bed with the ChiComs setting his son up, he was in bed with Ukraine, he is a noted — what’s the word? — copycat. He’s a plagiarist and so. This guy’s got more baggage that they’re trying to cover up. But they’re not gonna use things they use to destroy Republicans to go after Plugs. It ain’t gonna happen.


RUSH: That last segment went a little long here, folks, so guess what? Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha. Not much time here. Just to reiterate for you, the #MeToo movement. So here you have Biden being accused by Tara Reade — not the actress, by the way — and the New York Times, which led the effort to destroy Judge Kavanaugh with literally no evidence from Christine Blasey Ford, the New York Times says this is so serious that the press can’t do the investigation. The New York Times suggests that the Democrat National Committee do the investigation.

Now, let me tell you what this is about. The New York Times is sending a coded message to the DNC to get rid of the guy. You can’t win with him. This guy’s an albatross. Get rid of him and use this investigation we’re calling for as a way to do it.


RUSH: Look, I just want to spend a couple of more minutes here on this Biden situation because (sigh) to me, folks, there’s some things about this that just are abundantly obvious and clear, and they render so much else being talked about as irrelevant. For example, Snerdley, before you run, would you rather Biden stay on the ticket or go?

What would your preference be? (interruption) Absolutely! You want Biden on the ticket. Now the Democrats are smart enough to know that isn’t gonna work. They’re gonna get down to brass tacks and they’re gonna realize that Biden, even if he does have this magic pull with African-American voters, cannot campaign.

They cannot let him out of the basement. He’s holed up in there. “He’s sheltering in place. He’s following the guidelines. He’s obeying the rules.” He is holed up in his basement in Delaware, and they can’t let him out! They can’t let him on the campaign trail, and they know this.

He’s gonna have to answer for this Tara Reade thing somehow, somewhere, even if the media is trying to give him a pass on it — and they are. And even if the Democrats are trying to give him a pass on it, he’s at some point gonna have to have some kind of an answer for it. And he probably is not gonna have a good one.

And he’s not gonna have an answer that he can remember. He’s not going to have an answer that will put it to bed, so to speak. So they’re faced with a hard, cold reality on the Democrat side, and that is they have to find a way to get him off the ticket. But he’s got the delegates. So how do they do this? Well, I think — as I said right before the top-of-the-hour break — this is the New York Times demanding the DNC investigate this?

(laughing) Have you ever heard of anything like this? Can you imagine the New York Times, “Hey, Republican National Committee, you need to investigate whatever it was that Kavanaugh did; we don’t want any part of it”? It would never happen. But the media, the New York Times said, “We aren’t the best ones to do the investigation.” Why not? Why not?

It’s because the media doesn’t want to be seen as damaging Democrats this way. If Biden is gonna go, the media doesn’t want to be seen as culpable. The media wants to be seen as not doing that kind of thing to Democrats. I’m not exaggerating this at all. If something happens to Biden, it’s got to happen from the DNC or some elevated spot in the party on down.

They’ve got to find a way to move him off the ticket, and they’re probably angling to try to find an excuse to make that happen. Because the bottom line, folks, is he can’t — and I don’t relish saying this. I don’t want any misunderstandings. I’m not making fun of people who have gotten old and have the usual mental deficiencies. I’m not doing that.

They’ve nominated the guy. They’re the ones putting him out there. They’re the ones exposing his infirmity. They are the ones. Whoever is doing this in the Democrat Party knows exactly what they’re doing, and they’ve gotta know that he cannot campaign without making a fool of himself. They have got to know that Trump is going to eat him alive in a debate or in any other forum where they might happen to appear together.

But then there’s another side of this. The chaos involved in ditching Plugs and finding an even more radical left candidate might hurt them now too. ‘Cause a lot of people voted for Plugs. He’s got delegates. There are a lot of people in the Democrat Party. These primary voters, they showed up. They voted. They donated.

They gave their money. And for now, the New York Times and the DNC to work together to find a way to get Plugs tossed off the ticket? It’s an invitation for more chaos. So for me, I kind of like the idea of Plugs remaining on the ticket weakened and fumbling and bumbling around, because what’s the alternative? The alternative is a, what, Cuomo-Michelle ticket at the convention?

Can you see that? (interruption) Don’t shake your head at it. We’re talking about… (interruption) Well, okay. You see Cuomo. You don’t see Michelle because you don’t think Michelle would want to give up the good life. Yeah, right. Okay, fine. But my point is, don’t shake your head at any potential possible replacement for Plugs. This, as a project that the Democrat Party has: Getting rid of Donald Trump.

(interruption) They’re not gonna have to worry about Bernie Sanders people. “How are they gonna explain this to Bernie Sanders people?” They have to worry about Bernie Sanders people. By the time all this happens, the virus and everything attaching to it is going to have distracted so many people, it’s gonna occupy so many people’s attention.

This is not gonna be your standard, ordinary, everyday political year where you’ve gotta worry about, “What do Bernie’s voters think if they’re left out of the choice?” The worst thing that could happen is if Bernie’s votes for president go for Trump. Some of them might actually make that move, depending on how all the rest of this shakes out.

What I was gonna say is, I cannot emphasize… I don’t know how to do it. The Democrat Party and the media — it’s all the same thing — wants to get rid of Donald Trump. Getting rid of Donald Trump is even more important than winning the White House. You might say, “Wait, Rush. They’re inexorably linked together.”

Not necessarily.

I’m telling you, they are so consumed with an out-of-control hatred and rage for Donald Trump that it is shaping, it is flavoring, it is influencing everything they do, including the way they’re dealing with the virus, the way they are dealing with the economic slowdown, the way they are dealing with their own culpability in the American economic decline.

They have been rendered irrational by the amount of hatred they have. The hatred for Trump is both institutional and personal. They hate the fact that they couldn’t stop him in 2016. They hate the fact that they haven’t been able to get rid of him, and they hate who he is. They hate his hair. They hate the way he speaks.

They hate how long his ties are. They hate the way he waves when he gets on Marine One. They literally hate everything about the guy. They hate the way he doesn’t finish his sentences. They hate the way, in their world, they think he lies. It is an all-consuming hatred that has rendered many of them irrationally on the verge of insanity.

And then, of course, there’s the party hatred. They hate anybody who has the White House when they don’t. They hate Republicans institutionally. But it’s a two-pronged hate with Trump, and it’s guiding everything they do. Getting rid of him, whether it be impeachment, whether it be the Trump-Russia scandal, whether it be, anything — Stormy Daniels, Michael Avenatti, you name it — that has been their sole agenda.

And it remains! Even with the coronavirus, even with COVID-19, their number one objective is not to find a way to protect the American people, not to find a vaccine, not to find a treatment. No. They don’t think there’s any political future in that.

Their political future is devoted to getting rid of Donald Trump. They’ve got to do that. You can’t, I don’t think, imagine it. I don’t think you hate anybody to the extent they hate Trump, so you have a tough time relating to the kind of hatred that I’m talking about. But it’s all consuming.

And it has ramped up! As each effort they have engaged in to get rid of the guy has failed, their hatred has intensified. Their anger at… They’ve launched every weapon they’ve got. They have done everything they know. Everything they’ve tried that has ever succeeded getting rid of a Republican, they’ve tried it on Trump.

And he’s still strutting around, smiling and laughing and making fun of ’em. And he’s still president, and he’s still running the country. And they know he’s still gonna get reelected because they know Plugs Biden doesn’t have a prayer. In that regard, they’re a little bit dangerous in the sense that we can’t count on them for anything useful or productive where this virus is concerned.

These people, look what they’re doing. Look what these governors are doing to their own states by keeping ’em shut down. Look what they’re doing to their own businesses, their own populations, their own voters and constituents, all in the name of hatred of Donald Trump, all in the name of partisanship or whatever.

So they are worthless to the effort that the nation has engaged in to deal with the coronavirus. They’re not helpful at all. In fact, it’s worse than “not helpful.” They are attempting to undermine the efforts that others are engaged in that might succeed in finding a way to deal with this, either therapeutically, a vaccine, what have you.

Go to the audio sound bites here. I want to share this with you. Let’s see. Just to show you some of the hypocrisy, grab sound bite number… Oh. Before the hypocrisy, this is one example. It’s number 27. This is why Biden can’t be turned loose on the campaign trail.

This is from Friday of last week. He’s on PMSNBC, and the question he got, “Okay. We’d love for you to say a word or two about health care workers, about nurses, about doctors…” So here you have the Democrat nominee, and he’s being coached. He’s being coached, in this case by Scarborough. “Hey? Hey, Plugs?

“We would like for you to say a word or two about health care workers, about nurses, about doctors.” Instead of leaving it up to Plugs to think that he’s got to do this on his own, they’re steering him into it. They’re guiding him. They’re telling him where he ought to go in the next round of comments, and this is what Plugs said…

BIDEN: Look, Joe, over 600,000 dead, and we talk about that number like 600-plus thousand people. There’s…


BIDEN: Each and —


BIDEN: — every one —

SCARBOROUGH: Sixty thousand.

BIDEN: — of them left —

SCARBOROUGH: Sixty thousand.

BIDEN: (confused pause)


BIDEN: (sputtering) Six. Six. Sixty…

SCARBOROUGH: Sixty thousand dead.

BIDEN: (sputtering) I — I — I’m duh… Uh, I’ve been… I mis… Sixty thousand.


BIDEN: Over 60,000 deaths, and we talk about them like they are a number. Every one of them left behind a family.

RUSH: He didn’t even get to the doctors and nurses. He couldn’t even follow instructions, he’s so off on the number. Six hundred thousand dead — and you hear Scarborough say (whispering), “Sixty thousand! Sixty!” They can’t turn the guy loose, folks. They simply can’t.

It’s like the Chambers Brothers, “Can’t turn you loose.” They cannot turn Plugs loose. Now, you want some hypocrisy? We have a montage from 2015 to 2018, a montage of Democrats including Biden on Christine Blasey Ford and some other #MeToo accusers.

HILLARY CLINTON: I think that, when someone makes the claim — they come forward — they should be believed.

RICHARD BLUMENTHAL: I believe, Dr. Ford. I believe the survivor here.

KIRSTEN GILLIBRAND: I believe her because she’s telling the truth.

CHUCK SCHUMER: I believe her. Many, many women in America who have been taken advantage of certainly believe her.

MAZIE HIRONO: Women like Dr. Ford, they need to be believed. I just want to say to the men of this country, “Just shut up!”

JOE BIDEN: It takes enormous courage for a woman to come forward. She should be treated with respect. The woman should be given the benefit of the doubt.

RUSH: That’s Biden right there. So these people are all over the ballpark on this. They’re never gonna be held accountable. This is why the New York Times does not want the media investigating this. They don’t want to have to do this. They don’t want to have to run the risk of engaging in hypocrisy here because the #MeToo movement. The #MeToo movement, you might say…

I had email, “What do you mean it was exclusively to get rid of Republicans? What about Weinstein?”

Well, that’s different. They hated that guy. That guy was literally a pig. He had the casting couch. They literally thought that guy was a pig, and they wanted to be rid of him. But I’m telling you, #MeToo, the entire political #MeToo movement was designed for Republicans. And if you doubt me, just take a look at the hard work being engaged in here to make sure it is not applied and not used and not attached to Joe Biden in any way.


RUSH: I’m reminded that the Democrat Party also got rid of Al Franken. Yeah, they did. And it was in the early phases of the #MeToo movement, and there was something there that they could not avoid. There was a photo, and it was Al Franken and a woman who was asleep on an Army or some kind of transport from a USO show. It was unmistakable what had gone on there and what was going on in the photo. And I maintain to you that most of the Democrats didn’t look at losing Franken as a big loss anyway, like they had to throw some people away.

They had to give least the illusion that #MeToo meant what they said it meant. You know, Weinstein is who started it, so they couldn’t very well abandon that. And look how long they tried to cover that up. You know, as long as Weinstein was donating money to the Clintons and the Obamas — they knew it all those years. They looked the other way, nobody tried to hold Weinstein accountable when he was really beneficial. They got rid of Weinstein when? When the Democrats were not in the White House. They got rid of Franken at a point in time when it was no great loss to lose Al Franken.

So they are selective with how these things are applied to them, and it’s done in a way to make it look like they are not being hypocritical and the things they care about, like the sanctity of women and the safety of women matters and so forth, when these are all tools designed to take out Republicans and conservatives and other political enemies.


RUSH: One thing about Plugs and his Tara Reade thing. He’s promised that a woman would be chosen as VP, right? How in the world does he choose one? How does…? How does he get a woman to accept the VP nomination with this Tara Reade thing sticking out the way it is? I don’t know. I think… You wait and see how this manifests itself, folks.

They know. At the highest levels of the Democrat National Committee, they know that Joe Biden has got to go. Nonstarter. He’s out there and he has promised that he would pick a woman. Now here comes the charge he abused and did whatever he did to Tara Reade some years ago. Then he asks like, say, Amy Klobuchar or what’s-her-face, Kamala Harris, to be the VP and she says, “Oh, yeah! I happily will.”

“What about Plugs mistreating…?”

“Well, I’ll talk to him about it. We’ll get it squared away.”

I mean, they’ve been out of there tweeting this #MeToo stuff. Every one of these women that Plugs might nominate is on record as saying, “Whoever does this, has gotta go! Whoever abuses women, we believe the women.” How do they just put it aside and accept the offer from Plugs? It’s a major, major problem.


RUSH: So the New York Times foiled again. So if the DNC is not gonna investigate Biden for sexually abusing Tara Reade and the media doesn’t want to do it, then who’s gonna do it?

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