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RUSH: You know, I got this whole Stack here on the virus, the ChiComs, where it came from, and why. And I just want to reiterate what I happen to believe. It’s my theory, and it’s shared with some other people. This ongoing controversy that the ChiComs developed this as a bioweapon in a lab, did they unleash it on the rest of the world? And nobody’s willing to go that far. Nobody’s willing to say that. Many people think it, obviously.

But the Five Eyes intelligence agency — now, you may have heard that term back during the Papadopoulos phase of the Trump-Russia collusion investigation. Five Eyes, basically five allies. It’s Australia, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain. There are five countries that — and the United States is one. And they are the Five Eyes. And they collaborate, and they alert. Like if the Australians see something in their normal intel sweeps and surveillance that involves the United States, then they’ll pass it along. Same thing with the U.K. That’s the Five Eyes, in a very brief explanation.

And the Five Eyes put together a dossier on the China virus. It’s a 15-page dossier, and it has been leaked. And this 15-page dossier claims that the ChiComs lied about human-to-human transmission of the coronavirus, and it says that they murdered whistleblowers, which we know they did, and that they refused to hand over samples of the virus to us, to the U.K., to Italy and so forth so that it could be studied and maybe therapeutic drugs or even a vaccine began as a result.

The report says that China started censoring search engines as early as December to block news about the coronavirus. The 15-page dossier says that the ChiComs had evidence of human-to-human transmission all the way back to early December but continued to deny it, deny it could be spread that way until they finally admitted it on January 20th. “China lied about the origins of coronavirus, leaked intelligence.”

Let me tell you what I think happened. And I’ll bet you that this is gonna be close. Let me take you back to one thing that George W. Bush told me in one of the times I met with him and he was giving me a summary of conversations he had had with various world leaders. And the president of China, the head ChiCom when George W. Bush was president was a man by the name of Hu Jintao. Hu Jintao is now probably six feet under, having been put there by Xi Jinping, who is the current military leader for life in Red China.

But Bush told me — this was in the White House — he said that he was discussing the daily pressures of the job, and he did this with all foreign leaders. And he asked, he said, “Hu, what is the biggest challenge you have every day?” I’m just gonna tell you what he said. You may think this is sophomoric, but Bush said to me that Hu Jintao said that the number one challenge he had was to create 25 million jobs a year and that they had to be in rural areas. The cities were overrun. They were overcrowded. Everybody in China wants to go to the cities. They didn’t have any room. They needed to populate rural areas. This is why so many of the high-tech factories sprung up in rural areas of China which now are teeming gigantic cities of hundreds of thousands.

Now, the reason I’m telling you this is because the cities have always been a problem for China. This 15 page dossier doesn’t say much about the wet markets. I think the wet markets are an obvious factor. Let me tell you what I think happened, the short version of this. I do not believe it was a bioweapon. If I’m wrong about this someday, I will happily accept that I was wrong. But since there isn’t anybody else that wants to go there officially and make this claim, I think it’s something else.

I think the virus scared the hell out of them. I think they saw it, I think they saw what it was doing, I think they saw what its potential was, I think they knew they had no way to stop it. And I think their real, quote, unquote, crime is making sure it did get around the world so that they would not be the only nation affected by it, so that they would not be the only economy affected by it.

I find a lot of people are really — “ignorant” may be too hard a word, but it works here — a lot of people in day-to-day life are literally ignorant about how the Chinese look at us. The Chinese look at us as an enemy the same way Hitler did, the same way that the Soviets of Brezhnev and Gorbachev did. They clearly see us as an enemy. “Come on, Rush, there aren’t any enemies. The world is too interlinked.” No. No. See, that’s the trick of globalism.

The trick, one of the many tricks of globalism is to lull nations into thinking that all of these old wartime structures are gone and that now everything is interdependent and interlinked and we’re all just one happy family on our way to no nation states, no borders. That’s not what it is at all. Globalism is designed specifically to disembowel the United States. Globalism is designed to destroy the American economy, destroy America as a superpower, not destroy us. They can’t destroy us, they need the market. But they want to eliminate the United States as the sole superpower of the world. And globalism was one of the ways to do this. And American leaders went along with it for reasons I don’t have time or the inclination to get into now.

But the Chinese do indeed see us as a threat. They see us as an economic threat. They see us as a military threat. They are communists. And because communism is so woefully mistaught in this country, there aren’t enough people who understand the threat that it poses. There aren’t enough people who understand the dangers that communist people pose, communist leaders in communist governments, that communist radical activists say in the green movement, the dangers they pose people simply haven’t been educated.

But the United States and capitalism is indeed considered an enemy that needs to be destroyed. Now, the ChiComs have made a good act out of making it look like all they want to do is get along with everybody, that they don’t threaten anybody. But I’ll damn well guarantee you that they want to be the world’s superpower economically, they want to be the world’s currency, they want to be the world’s number one military. This is an objective that they have. The Soviets had the same objective. The Chinese have it as well.

Now, to people that have never been educated properly or improperly about communism, saying something like that sounds radically insane to them. It sounds crazy. “Chinese want to be the superpower of the world? Come on, Rush.” Don’t doubt me on this. It explains much of the way the Chinese go — you wouldn’t believe the spying, the hackery, the attempted undermining of the United States on a daily basis by the ChiComs. And it’s not just them. We are a great nation at risk in a dangerous world, and everybody is gunning for us in one way.

They’re gunning for us economically. They’re gunning for us militarily. And people say, “Rush, nobody can beat us militarily. Why would they -” because they don’t — it’s they’re afraid of the power. The ability we have to project power around the world is unlike any nation has ever had the ability to project power. Now, we don’t use it to conquer. We don’t use it for offensive purposes. But they don’t trust that we won’t because they judge everything by the way they look at themselves and they would if they had the power that we’ve got, they would be using it to conquer, to subjugate others. They have.

So the Chinese — make no mistake about it — they might see us as a market they need access to, but I’ll guarantee you they look at this relationship as they are killing us, they are winning, they are beating us back. They don’t have to buy a single product we make and yet everything we need comes from them. Antibiotics, our cell phones, so much of our daily life, even the masks to protect us from the virus are coming from them. They love this. They love that this circumstance is — they don’t need anything from us. They don’t have to buy anything. That’s what Trump has been trying to change.

So, anyway, I think that when this virus hit — and I’m being very charitable here — I think when it hit and they saw how deadly this thing is, their objective was to make sure that they were not the only country or economy harmed by it. So I think they did whatever they had to do to make sure that virus spread. “Rush, that would make ’em a bunch of killers.” Exactly, folks. They are communists. What do you think communists do to people? Communism kills. It has to kill people to keep ’em in order. It has to kill people to keep ’em in the country. People eventually want out of communist countries, communist governments. And they don’t let you.

“You don’t think it’s possible they just kind of lost control of it and slipped out of their hands?” No, I don’t. Because if all of this were along those lines, then they would have been cooperating with us from day one. They would have been warning us, and not just us. The British, the Italians, they would have been trying to tell as many people as possible, as many nations as possible how deadly this was, instead of lying to everybody about it not being human-to-human transmissible. They were lying through their teeth about this virus from the very first days of it, including when it finally got out of the lab and when it started infecting people.

And the only reason to lie about it — well, not the only, but they certainly were not trying to be helpful. And we got videotape, there’s Nancy Pelosi in February, Chinatown, San Francisco, “It’s no problem. Come on down.” New York politicians and their various parades in the month of February, they’re on all television, “Come on down to the parade Sunday, it’s no problem, the virus isn’t gonna matter hill of beans.” The reason people were saying that is ’cause the Chinese told us. Our big mistake was believing a bunch of communists.

Now you got Dr. Birx: It’s a shame they were so dishonest with us about the transmissibility. It was really a shame. Notice how everybody’s dumping now on the ChiComs for not being straightforward about how deadly and how bad this thing was. And they weren’t. And the reason is they needed it to sneak up on people like it snuck up on them. They’re not gonna sit there and be the only country on earth, the only economy on earth affected by it. That’s just the way they look at it.

They’re not gonna lose any competitive ground over a virus even if it is theirs, even if it originated in their country. These are ruthless, brutal people. Communists anywhere are ruthless and brutal and particularly when they are arrayed against people like us who they believe to be major competitors.

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