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RUSH: You know, these are the people to whom there is no longer any curiosity. Whenever any accredited so-called expert anywhere says, they just accept it without any questioning, without any curiosity. They are the least curious among us, the American journalist community.

There’s a story here… I saved this. I printed this out. This is from… Let’s see…. It’s a CNN story? I think it’s CNN. It’s the Hollywood Reporter. Hollywood Reporter. They went out and talked to a bunch of media people. “Four More ‘Exhausting’ Years? Trump Reporters Mull Covering a Second Term — ‘I don’t know anybody who wants to do another four years of this news cycle,” a senior CNN producer says.'”

Well, why should that matter? You do what the news is. You deal with what the news is. You cover it. This is my point. There isn’t any media anymore. There isn’t media in the sense that there are people that go out there and tell you things you didn’t know that happened because you weren’t there.

That’s basically all journalism is: Sending people to places to find out things that happened where nobody else is or very few people are; come back and report. We know that that’s not what the media does. To call the media “the media,” anyway, I think… You know, it’s a big bugaboo of mine lately because they are part of the Democrat left-wing party, the agenda. They’re not news gatherers.

They’re not disseminating information so that the American public has a greater understanding of things. That’s the last thing that journalists are doing today. And now we got a piece where they’re whining and moaning about how tough it is to cover the Trump administration.

Get this: “A senior CNN producer tells the Hollywood Reporter that [CNN]’s journalists are not rooting against the president in November,” noooo, “but guessed they would welcome a return to a more ‘normal’ presidency and accompanying news cycle.” But they’re not rooting against Trump. Noooo, no!

Not rooting against Trump? There has been a singular objective of the American media since Election Night 2016. It has been to get rid of Donald Trump. The media has worked in conjunction with the American intelligence community, the American deep state, whatever you want to call it. They have worked in conjunction with former high-ranking officials of the Obama administration.

And the objective has been to get rid of Donald Trump, to reverse the election results of 2016. I’m getting blue in the face repeating myself, but this is exactly what the purpose of media has been. Now they tell us they’re not rooting against the president? Here’s a quote from this CNN producer: “As journalists, I don’t think anybody cares about what party the president of the United States is.

“What they care about is being able to live their lives normally again. I think there’s mental exhaustion around this presidency, and I don’t know anybody who is enjoying it. I don’t know anybody who wants to do another four years of this news cycle.” Translation: “We’re sick and tired of being outwitted, outsmarted by a guy we think is a dimwit. We are sick and tired of being shamed.

“We’re sick and tired of being made to look like the fools and the idiots that we are! We are sick and tired of being unable to get rid of the guy. We don’t like this news cycle, and we can’t imagine having four more years of it, and we don’t know anybody else who’s happy with it.” Well, call me. I’m happy with it.

I am enjoying watching the American news media destroy itself. I am enjoying the American news media making massive fools of themselves. I’m enjoying the news cycle. It doesn’t wear me out. I can turn it on/turn it off whatever I want. I know some people are bothered by the never-ending drama around Trump.

Did you see the town hall last night from the Lincoln Memorial? (interruption) I didn’t watch that last night? (interruption) You didn’t watch that? (interruption) Are you kidding? I can’t believe it. (interruption) Well, Trump was there at the Lincoln Memorial, and Fox did this town hall, and they had prerecorded video questions from people all across the fruited plain.

And, Snerdley, they let a seminar video person in there. (sniveling) “Hi, Mr. President. Uh, I’m actually a hidden left-wing lunatic here being made up to look like one of your supporters, and I really love you, Mr. Trump. I really hope… I really hope that you’ll succeed. I hope you’ll protect us and I hope you’ll protect the country. We really love you.

“Why don’t you shut up? Why don’t you stop talking the way you talk? Why don’t you make it easier for those of us who support you to support you? Why can’t you stop ragging on the media? Why can’t you start nitpicking this? Why…?” I said, “Wow. Seminar caller. I wish I were there dealing with this.”

And Trump answered the question like he has always answered the question. (summarized) “If you hit me, if you lie about me, if you start doing me dirty, I’m not gonna sit there and act ‘presidential’ and act like I don’t care about it. I’m not gonna sit here and be boring. If you’re gonna lie about me, if you’re gonna make things up, then I’m gonna hit back. It’s the only way I know how to do it.”

Now, this is… Look, I know that there are some Trump supporters who wish that he’d dial it back. There are some Trump supporters who wish, like at these briefings. “Could you just stop? Okay, we got it that you don’t like in the media. We got it that when the some media person asks (sniveling), ‘Mr. President today, more people have died under your presidency because the coronavirus than died in the entire Vietnam War.

“‘What does this say about whether you should deserve to be reelected?'” I don’t blame Trump for lighting back into the woman that asked that question. What’s he supposed to do, just sit there? “Yes, he’s supposed to be presidential, Mr. Limbaugh. He’s supposed to be above it.” He actually gave a pretty good answer to it. But I mean those kind of — (sigh) what do you call them — provocative, rude, impolite questions?

I think this is Trump being who he is. These kind of things don’t… But this is the news cycle these Drive-Bys are talking about. They don’t like the fact that they aren’t running the show. They don’t like the fact that the president is not kowtowing to them. And now, you know, they’re fretting and wringing their hands over the next four-year news cycle. CNN producer, one more quote:

“His behavior is exhausting. … I don’t I think have ever run into anybody who says they literally hate Donald Trump the man. They’re just exhausted by his behavior, and I think that’s fair. Nobody I know is openly rooting for him to lose.” Nobody you know. How about everybody at CNN, and how about everybody at the New York Times?

They’re all rooting for Trump to lose, and they have been trying to get rid of him since he won the election in 2016. That really is it, folks. Even with all this going on with the coronavirus, if you want to understand press coverage of virtually any story, understand it within the context of the media’s objective is to get rid of President Trump.

Even before the next election.

It will help you. It will make it much more easy for you to decipher news coverage objectives and all.


RUSH: All right. We have Trump’s answer to the seminar video submitter at the town hall last night. Question (sniveling): “President Trump, my husband and I thank you, your family and staff, for your great dedication to our country. We pray for you every day. The question I have is about your manner.

“Why do you use descriptive words that could be classified as bullying? Why do you not directly answer the questions asked by the press, but instead speak of past excesses and you generally ramble. The USA needs you. Please let go of these behaviors that are turning people away from you. Please hold on to your wonderful attributes that make you our great leader and let go of the other characteristics that do not serve you,” and this is how Trump answered…

THE PRESIDENT: I am greeted by a hostile press, the likes of which no president has ever seen. The closest would be that gentleman right up there. They always said, “Lincoln. Nobody got treated worse than Lincoln.” I believe I am treated worse. You’re there. You see those press conferences.

They come at me with questions that are disgraceful, to be honest. Disgraceful. Their manner of presentation and their words. And I feel that if I was kind to them, I’d be walked off the stage. They come at you with the most horrible, horrendous, biased questions. And you see it, 94 or 95% of the press is hostile. We have tremendous support. But the media, they might as well be in the Democrat Party.

RUSH: Might as well be? Anyway, he’s right about one thing. You can’t… Trust me, folks. Do not doubt me. You can’t buy them. You cannot treat them well and have them come around. You cannot treat them… There is no Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” The weaker you are, the nicer you are…

Look at George W. Bush. George W. Bush did everything he could to be “presidential,” to not soil the office, to not take it down to the gutter of politics. Look what they did! It took ’em six years, but they got his approval numbers down to the mid-thirties. Trump is not going to let them succeed in destroying him this way while acting presidential.


RUSH: We’ve got Rob here from Key West in Florida. Great to have you, Rob. Thank you for waiting. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. Rob. Longhaired, maggot-infested, dope-smoking FM type waco environmentalist dittos since Election Day ’88.

RUSH: So you are an admitted longhaired, maggot-infested, dope-smoking FM type since ’88?

CALLER: No, no, no, I’m a Rush follower since Election Day 1988. That’s why I was —

RUSH: Oh, okay. (crosstalk)

CALLER: — listening to Rush Limbaugh.

RUSH: I got you. Okay.

CALLER: L-i-m-b-a-u-g-h. I loved when you used to do that back in the old day.

RUSH: I’m sorry. To do what?

CALLER: You would go Rush Limbaugh, L-i-m-b-a-u-g-h.

RUSH: Yeah, that’s how the name is spelled.

CALLER: I miss caller abortions.

RUSH: Well, anyway, what was the call about, Rob?

CALLER: Rush, I’ve been unemployed for eight weeks. I was laid off because of this thing. I’ve received no money from the government, whether it’s Florida, as we’ve got the mess going on with the unemployment thing, or the federal government. My party’s walked away from me. They want to do nothing for us. They don’t want to put us back to work. I appreciate what you’re doing.

CALLER: I certainly do.

RUSH: I’m gonna assume here that you’re a Republican? Are you not?

CALLER: I’m a Democrat, well, I’m a liberal. I haven’t voted since I voted for Ronald Reagan in 1984. And I’m disgusted with these people that are in charge today of the Democratic Party. There’s only one thing that needs to be done. Open up. People gotta have jobs. They gotta go back to work.

RUSH: Let me tell you, Rob, you are exactly right, and you have inadvertently you’ve — I don’t want to call it fallen into a trap, but you now qualify as the average Democrat voter. The Democrat Party today — and it’s not just in the coronavirus episode. The coronavirus is just the latest opportunity for it. The Democrat Party needs suffering. The Democrat Party needs a permanent underclass. The Democrat Party needs people in need. The Democrat Party needs people unhappy.

They need people unhappy at the country for being unfair and unwilling to provide for them. The Democrat Party is allowed to ride in and portray themselves as people on the white horse to the rescue, so forth. And so they need suffering, and look, the objective is to get rid of Donald Trump. The objective is not to make you whole. The objective is getting rid of Donald Trump. That’s all the Democrat Party leadership sees right now.

Why are these governors keeping these states closed until July when they aren’t even having anywhere near — I mean, 150, 200 deaths, whatever the number is in Oregon, it pales in comparison to everywhere else. “Well, that’s why, Rush, they’re gonna keep a handle on it.” No, this is politics. It’s pure politics. If you look at the states that are not opening up, look at the states that want to continue to drag their feet, every damn one of them is a Democrat governor.

And I’ll tell you what’s gonna happen. The Democrat party agenda is gonna be, they’re gonna try to blame Trump for two things. They’re gonna try to set up so the only accountability for any of this is Donald Trump. They’re gonna say Trump enabled the virus. Trump was lax with the Chinese, that Trump did not do enough to stop the virus from spreading and getting into the country.

And then after that, they are then gonna move on to Trump destroyed the economy, Trump ordered the shutdown. That’s what they’re going to do as the campaign season heats up. Make no mistake about it. “Rush, they can’t. Every governor’s been involved in this. This was medical community orders.” No, no, no. When it comes to it, the Democrat Party is gonna blame Trump for every aspect of this. They’re gonna try. They’re gonna have the, quote, unquote, media promoting and spreading whatever nonsense they say. And so the more pain, the more suffering there is that they can then lay at the feet of Donald Trump, then the better off they think they’re gonna be.

Their problem is Biden. How does this guy get elected? The best thing in the world he can do is stay hidden. But he can’t get elected staying hidden. He’s gonna have pop up at some point. And so right now they’re just taking every day as it comes. They’re using what’s given them and the fact that you haven’t seen any money, the fact that you’re not being assisted, the fact that you are still in one phase of anger or suffering or whatever, their objective is to make sure you blame Trump for it. ‘Cause it’s all about damaging Trump. It’s all about getting rid of Trump.

Now, I can imagine what the Drive-Bys are gonna do with this later today when they hear about it. “Rush Limbaugh, after destroying our cognitive immunity, is now saying that the Democrats want people to suffer. This is outrageous.” Well, show me where they’re doing anything to stop it. Everybody knows they want to get rid of Donald Trump. Everybody knows that that has been their objective since November of 2016.

Look, folks. They’re not doing anything differently. They’re not behaving any way that they haven’t been behaving in the past three and a half, four years. They haven’t all of a sudden started telling the truth just in the face of the coronavirus. They are who they are. Their political objectives are their political objectives. They haven’t changed.

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