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RUSH: It is terrific to see the country start to be opened up. You know, I cannot tell you — those of you who are listening regularly, this economic shutdown, this forced shutdown was just destroying me. It was breaking my heart over the damage that it was doing, not just to the country, but to individuals and that it had to end. And so now it is ending in various places. The governor of Oregon has said they’re not opening up until July 6th. They don’t even have 200 deaths in Oregon. This is purely partisan politics.

I mean, a lot of these Democrat governors are keeping their states locked down and shut down because obviously orders are coming from on high within the Democrat hierarchy that whatever it takes to make sure Trump does not benefit from any kind of economic recovery or rebound or anything that might happen here that would entail good news is just mind-boggling. And then these Democrat governors are discovering how much fun it is to wield all this tyrannical power on residents of their states.

But there have been a lot of courageous openings. There have been a lot of places opening. Schools are being talked about now as seriously thought about as reopening. So there’s progress in that area. And then there’s more and more talk about where did this virus come from and what role did the ChiComs have in it? And we’ll get into all of that as the program unfolds before your very eyes and ears.

Grab sound bite number one. Have you ever heard of something called “cognitive immunity”? I Googled it. There is a term. But I have been accused, ladies and gentlemen, of destroying it. I have been accused of destroying our collective cognitive immunity. This happened Friday night. CNN, The Situation Room, Wolf Blitzer is talking to Thomas Friedman of the New York Times. And Wolf Blitzer said to Friedman, “You know, you write in your latest column that this crisis is putting leadership skills under a microscope. What’s this showing us about President Trump?”

FRIEDMAN: Cognitive immunity is our ability to sort out truth from lie, fact from fiction, science from, you know, quackery. And what Trump has done throughout his presidency, but particularly through these briefings, is that he’s destroying our collective cognitive immunity with the help of people like Rush Limbaugh and Fox, the hosts on their show. They’re destroying our cognitive immunity to sort out what is fact, what is science, what is not. In the process, that’s gonna lead to undermining our physical immunity.

RUSH: All right. So there you have it. I am helping the president destroy your cognitive immunity. Meaning I am making it more and more difficult for you to understand fact from fiction, science from quackery and lie from truth and so forth. I had never heard of cognitive immunity. Maybe it’s some term that’s explicit in psychology. So I’ve never heard of this term. Here comes Friedman now using it and claiming that I and a bunch of people at Fox News are destroying your ability. You know what all of this is? You know what this means?

It means they used to have a monopoly over what people thought and it’s gone, that they don’t just get to say whatever they want and have it automatically be believed by a majority of Americans, and so there’s gotta be a fall guy for that, and that’s me. And, by the way, I will gladly accept responsibility for that, whatever role this program played in busting up the mainstream media monopoly.

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