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RUSH: There’s big news happening over at NBC. They’re letting Andy Lack go. He’s the head of the news division. He was caught up in all of the philandering, the Harvey Weinstein stuff. Remember Ronan Farrow had his book and they spiked it over there. That would have revealed the details of Weinstein. Well, when spiking it they were spiking whatever was going on with Matt Lauer and a number of other things.

So, Andy Lack now is on the way out and the new Comcast people are bringing in a bunch of people from Telemundo to replace him. And I just saw a story in the Wall Street Journal where everybody in the executive circle, whatever, who makes over a hundred thousand dollars is now gonna be facing a $20,000 pay cut because of coronavirus.

Now we learn the New York attorney general is investigating NBC, NBC News, over claims of historical sexual assault as Andy Lack and the network president, Noah Oppenheim, are the main targets. Now, this Noah Oppenheim guy was the guy originally thought to be the replacement for Andy Lack. So, you have Andy Lack, Matt Lauer, and now Noah Oppenheim.

“More than a dozen women have been interviewed by officials from a Civil Division department dubbed ‘The Weinstein Unit'” in the New York AG office. They’ve got the Weinstein unit. “Former news anchor Linda Vester — she also had a show on the Fox News Channel for a while. She “told DailyMail.com she was interviewed in January over her alleged assault at the hands of Tom Brokaw. According to her, “Lack is one of the main targets” of these investigations along with Oppenheim and Matt Lauer. I mean, the New York attorney general going after the Drive-By Media at NBC News? It must be uncover-upable.

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